Christmas Day Thoughts

-Today is my first full Christmas day on the job.
-Last year I worked Christmas Eve on night shift and spent Christmas day in a haze.
-Yesterday, Marcela and I spent the day celebrating Christmas with my wonderful parents.
-We enjoyed a day of food (brown sugar and honey glazed ham, sweet potato casserole, broccoli casserole), gift giving, games, and watching “It’s a Wonderful Life”.
-As you probably have read, “It’s a Wonderful Life” is my favorite Christmas movie, and to me is one of the greatest movies ever made.
-My mom and dad did not get each other any big Christmas gifts this year, well, not in the sense that you wrap a present and give it. They each agreed to skip that and give a child the gift of freedom. I could not be at church to see for my self, but Bill Wilson gathers resources to free children in the far east from the sex slafe. I believe the cost is around $300 dollars. What a precious gift.
-I just want to mention how much I love my mom and dad. My mom is the most giving, caring, and selfless person I know. My dad has always done everything he could to shield his children from tough times growing up. I never felt the strain of tight economic struggles, family disputes, or “hard time” because my dad made sure that while I was a child I saw the world through a child’s eyes. There were definitely hard times, I just never knew about them.
-Marcela hooked me up with a couple of great DVD’s: Iron Man and The Dark Knight.
-My mom and dad gave me tickets to Mannheim Steamroller, two pairs of flannel pants, a new thermos, a bag full of coffee goodies including a pound of my favorite St. Arbucks coffee (Italian).
-I came in to work today and I was listed on the roll as being on vacation today. I could have gone home, but it’s hard to pass up the 2 and 1/2 time.
-In a couple weeks I will have an opportunity to take the operations exam at work. If I pass, it could really change things for me.
-A friend from here at work will be studying with me so we can pass this thing.
-See you guys and gals at church Sunday. Feliz Navidad, Merry Christmas! Remember the reason we celebrate. Jesus stepped into a robe of flesh, took on suffering and pain, and gave his life that we could be free. Presents, dinners, music, and movies are all fun. But Jesus is the “reason for the season”. Don’t forget it.


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4 responses to “Christmas Day Thoughts

  1. aj

    Merry Christmas, Phil. Christmas really is about the reason rather than the day. I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday with its fun (thanks for indulging me in playing the new game), its food (I ate too much), and its relaxation. Last night as I listened to the Christmas story and scripture, I was once again reminded of the wonder and awesomeness of our God who loved us so much that He gave His son so that we could have life.

    I love you (and yours) and thank God for my family. Have a blessed day today.

  2. Ela

    I agree your parents are AWASOME, I love them both so much.
    I heard about yesterday and I’m glad you all had a great time. MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you.

    With a ton of love…..

    PS this includes Max of course.

  3. Mother, thanks for a wonderful day.

    Marcela, Max, and I say thank you. Well, Max doesn’t really say thank you, but he tries to by licking.

  4. Ol' Atom-splitter


    You have been such a great source of happiness for your ol’ pa. Great sense of humor, giftedness in music and professional accomplishment are a few of your attributes that fill my heart with joy. Thank you for the loving words and may God’s best blessings be yours and Marcela’s.

    With much love,

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