Friday Bottom 3:: 12 Days of Christmas

Christmas came and now Christmas has gone leaving us the remnants of Christmas dinners, wrapping paper, and for many people credit card bills. The one sure thing you can count on every year is for the radio stations to play The 12 Days of Christmas, or some parody of it. These are the bottom three gifts from the 12 Days of Christmas.

#3. 3 French Hens – 1st of all, hens are a little messy and they eat all the time while they scratch around in your yard and destroy your grass. They taste good, but I would rather go on down to the grocery store. Besides all that, these hens that we are talking about are French. I am totally against that.

#2. 11 Pipers Piping – I am not 100% sure what a piper piping sounds like, unless their talking about a bagpipe. If so, I could handle one piper piping, perhaps on St. Patrick’s Day. But 11 would be way too noisy and chaotic. Christmas is supposed to be calm, you know, a Silent Night and all that.

#1. 10 Lords a Leaping – What could be worse than one lord leaping around (probably in leotards)? Multiply it times 10 and you have the worst gift out of the 12 Days of Christmas. I question their intentions.

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