Bottom 3: New Year’s Day Traditions

These are some of the strangest New Year’s Day traditions.

#3. Avoid Breaking Things – It’s not that this is a bad tradition. My problem is this: Why are we waiting until new year’s day to avoid breaking things?

#2. Go get something new to wear on New Year’s Day – The idea is that if you get some new clothes to wear on New Year’s Day then you will get even more new clothes throughout the year. WRONG! I am trying to make good use of the things that I have but don’t use. Why do I want to get something new in order to go out and get a bunch more new stuff? Doesn’t make sense.

#1. Nothing leaves the house on New Year’s Day – It’s supposedly bad luck to even take as much as the garbage out of your house on New Year’s Day. So, how do you and your clothes and personal effects get exempt from this rule? And, if not, does that mean that you have to stay shut in on New Year’s Day? The other part of this tradition is that if you have anything that needs to go out, be sure to have it outside on New Year’s Eve, or in your car. That’s just great. Some drunk partier will steal or break it. I think I will just skip those traditions.



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2 responses to “Bottom 3: New Year’s Day Traditions

  1. Billy Finch

    Shooting guns in the air has to be the extreme worst. Fine if your in the country but it’s just plain moronic stupidity.

  2. Ela

    This one is fast I agree with both of you.

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