Saturday Top 5: Schwarzenegger Flicks

The governator has largely been a disappointment to many people who had high hopes for political change on the “left coast”. Perhaps he should stick to movies when you consider that other than a couple of stinkers he was anything but a disappointment. These are my top 5 Arnold Scwarzenegger movies.

Honorable Mention

Last Action Hero – This is a fun movie about movie heros and villains coming to life through a magic movie ticket. It’s a little bit cheesy, but which Arnold movie isn’t? It’s still one of my personal favorite Arnold films.

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines – This 3rd installation of the Terminator series does not suffer from the problems many sequels have like repetition, too many twists, confused story lines, or stale rehashing. They really worked in a new story without ruining the previous lines, and there was plenty of new effects and action to hold your attention. Of all 3 Terminator films, this one had the best acting, detail in the story, and drama.

#5. Total Recall – Mars has been colonized, the brain has been tapped, and Arnold is in the middle of it all. This is great sci-fi action and a pretty cool story combined with classic Arnoldisms. “Consider this a divorce!”

#4. True Lies – A secret agent discovers a terrorist plot to blow up a nuke in the US. His wife thinks he’s a boring guy, when in reality he lives an exciting life as a spy. This movie has it all: great Arnold quotes, explosions, action, humor, and some Miami and FL Keys scenery. “Here’s your invitation.”

#3. Predator – An alien species comes to earth to hunt people for sport. They didn’t count on running into a one man wrecking crew. This was another awesome sci-fi film by Arnold. That’s what he does best!

#2. T2: Judgment Day – This was a great sequel in a great franchise, but the movie had great special effects advances and a story line that helps this movie rise above the typical sequel stigma. The action scenes were great and the visuals were tops in its day. It saw the return of the main character played by Arnold in one of the great switches ever from a notable villain in part 1 to a great hero in part 2. I loved this flick.

#1. The Terminator – To me, this was a no brainer. Not only was this the one that started one of the top movie franchises ever, it was certainly one of the great sci-fi films of all time. It was also recently selected along with 24 other movies including Sergeant York and Deliverance to be archived in the Library of Congress. The terminator cyborg is one of the worst villains of all time! “I’ll be back!”


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2 responses to “Saturday Top 5: Schwarzenegger Flicks

  1. Cool countdown – even if you did spell his last name wrong. (There’s no ‘t’ in it.)

    Nevertheless I was never a big fan of his flicks. Too violent. I don’t like violence. I’m a lover not a fighter !

  2. Re: spelling – duly noted and corrected.

    How about Kindergarten Cop or Jingle All The Way? LOL I am no huge fan of the governator either as you may know from the fact that I couldn’t even spell his name. But he did make some movies that I really enjoyed.

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