The Max Factor

At 4:00 AM, when I get up for work, my first order of the day is to take Max outside. He always gets a quick walk and does his business. Next, I try to make sure he has some food and water while I make breakfast and get ready for work. Well, he has other plans. If he could, he would run up the stairs and go back in the bedroom to try and wake up Marcela. Well, I fixed that! I put up a baby gate to the stairs. Max does not like that at all! This morning, I snapped a couple of pics off with my cell phone to show him waiting to go upstairs. Sorry Max!

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One response to “The Max Factor

  1. Ela

    Poor little guy he just wants to play with mommy:)

    Mine does the same thing as soon as William gets up and let’s him out he hops on my bed and curls next to me and goes right back to sleep.
    Although he is very protective when anyone comes to the house specially that is just us alone everyday. Would not know what I would do with out him to make me get up to take him out and then play. He keeps me company.:)

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