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Second Thoughts

-I am dealing with a little bit of a cold. Thank goodness for Zicam!

-I was dealing with my cold yesterday as I took the Plant Operation Selection Survey for the second time.

-This test was a timed aptitude test measuring reading comprehension, parts assembly, mechanical concepts, graphs and charts, and (long) mathematical usage.

-Last time I took it (Summer) I failed, I believe, because I was too slow in graphs and charts and I also got bogged down in algebra.

-This time I sped up by skipping any math question that required lengthy calculation, even if the question was easy.

-I also sped up on the graphs and charts by not worrying about perfectly bubbling in the questions. I answered almost 10 additional questions this time on graphs and charts.

-I got word last night late that I passed and I have an interview next Friday. I could not sleep after the news.

-There are about 25 positions available, 10 are taken by FPL employees, leaving 15 spots.

-So far, 20 external applicants have passed the test. The new hire class begins in May, so I should know in the next few months if I will get the job.

-Several people at the plant have been big help in getting ready for the test and encouraging me that I could pass. Mark Similey from LPC was one. Thanks Mark!


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