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Friday Bottom 3: TV Shows of the Last 10 Years

I will avoid day time TV and talk shows for this list since they would win hands down. These are the 3 worst TV shows of the last 10 years, at least according to what I have seen. Admittedly, this list is not fair since I don’t watch a lot of TV, and when I do it’s OLN (outdoor), Sunshine Net, ESPN, Fox News, and Tru TV.

Dishonorable Mention:
Dawson’s Creek – Marcela liked to watch this teen drama some time ago. Chick TV to the core.

Charmed – The only thing good I can say about this show is that the three chicks were… um, well, I better not say anything good at all about this show.

The Bottom 3

#3. Secret Life of the American
Teenager – I came home from work to find this ABC Family network TV show from the makers of 7th Heaven on my TV. Some of the qualities making it so bad are: horrible acting from Molly Ringwald (she cannot help it, she has always been bad) and the rest of the cast with the exception of the pregnant teen; political correctness gone wild throughout the story line and dialogue; the portrayal of a pregnant teen continually scheming to do what she wants while also portraying her as a good girl who just messed up.

#2. Gilmore Girls – Besides this show being an evening soap, I have a particular reason for not enjoying this show that ramps it up to the level of the Bottom 3. The characters on this show speak at 100 miles an hour back and forth and back and forth!

#1. Operation Repo – At first glance, this is a reality TV show similar to Dog Bounty Hunter. They even show it on Tru TV. The first time I saw it I noticed that they went from one scenario to another reposessing cars and fighting everyone in the most ridiculous situations to repo cars. It was silly. I looked up the show and found out that they are all dramatizations. Between the ridiculous situations and one of the world’s ugliest women going around fighting people, this show tops the list.


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