Life Pointe Talk Soup – Plantation Key

-Tonight I made the trek to Tavernier for the evening service at LPC Plantation Key.

-The atmosphere is a little different since there is no big set up/break down before and after service.

-The music was great! Mike led worship tonight with Julio on the rhythm, Bill on lead electric, Mike’s fiancé played drums and I played bass.

-The set was “For Who You Are”, “Beautiful One”, “Here I Am to Worship”, and for communion Mike led in a beautiful rendition of the old hymn “Jesus Paid It All”. I really loved it!

-Trav once again spoke on Finney in his message series entitled “Dead White Men”. He listed some of Finney’s impacts and innovations which still effect the modern church.

-Finney was not educated as a minister, but he followed God’s call.

-One last note. The family at LPC Plantation Key really seems to be coming together and forming a strong bond that is going to change the Florida Keys! It’s something that is going to be special to witness.

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