Monday Armchair QB

This was not the week of the upset as most people are saying.  The Panthers, Titans, and Giants were all favorites at home having come off their bye that they earned with their superior records in their conference.  The Steelers were the only team to escape the upset bug.  Why is that?  It’s because this was the week of the BIRD!  The Cardinals beat the Panthers and the Eagles beat the Giants in the NFC while the Titans went down to defeat at the beak of the Ravens.  The Steelers lucked out because they didn’t have to play any birds, they played the Chargers.  As for last week, every bird team won except the Falcons who ended up playing against another set of birds (Cardinals).  So what does this all mean?  I guess if it is the year of the bird, the Super Bowl representative from the AFC will be the Ravens.  In the NFC, it would be a toss up since Eagles and Cardinals are equally birdish.


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3 responses to “Monday Armchair QB

  1. alexsantoyo

    Steelers EAgles! SuperBowl!

  2. I’m not into an all Pennsylvania Super Bowl. I’m into a Baltimore (from Maryland – my home state for 11 years) / Arizona Super Bowl.

    Joe Flacco is the new Ben Roethlisberger.

    Kurt Warner is the new Kurt Warner.

  3. Victor

    The Baltimore Hurricanes are going all the way!!

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