Diagnostic Thoughts

-sarcasm: I love sitting in line at the doctor’s office, dentist, etc. /sarcasm

-Guess what I am doing as I type this blog out. 🙂

-Here’s the deal, two nights ago, I woke up around 3 am with a pulsating pain in my chest, like intense heart burn. I went to work the next day anyway, but the pain didn’t go down.

-I ended up leaving work early to see the doctor, waited there, explained all the symptoms. Apparently I do have heart burn, GERD to be exact.

-I am here at the diagnostic center to get an x-ray to see if I might have a hiatal hernia, possibly aggravated by the coughing from my cold earlier in the week.

-The doctor gave me some medicine and it has made a world of difference. It’s no fun dealing with intense pain that will not stop and give you a break. Sometimes it makes you feel like you will go out of your mind.

-This past Saturday, my mom and dad celebrated their fortieth anniversary. Marcela, Kelly, Trav, their kids, and I went to my mom and dad’s place for dinner. My dad snuck my mom out of the house while Marcela and Kelly decorated. Food was catered and we put out 40 red roses that my dad purchased. Kelly and Marcela waited on the table and served each course. For dessert, we had homemade coconut and pineapple ice cream served in coconut shells to commemorate my mom and dad’s engagement dinner at the Columbia in Ybor City where it was served in the same manner. The night was great fun!

-This time next week, I will be on the gun range for annual qualifications with my 9mm, AR 15, and all the other training requals. Most people hate it, but I actually enjoy it.

-The only thing I don’t like about it anymore is that they no longer let us train on our off days. That means I will lose quite a bit of pay since our training days are about 10 hours long instead of 12.

-Marcela and I watched October Sky a couple nights ago. It’s a great family film based on a true story about some kids from West Virginia who learn about the science of rocket engineering. The town and their family at first make fun of them and give them a hard time, but their teacher inspires them to work hard at what they are doing. I highly recommend this film!


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6 responses to “Diagnostic Thoughts

  1. aj

    the anniversary dinner was a great surprise! You didn’t mention the candlelight (from the front porch, to the living room, to the dining room, and the rose petals spread on the floor and tables, as well as the confetti and balloons). It was beautiful and so special. What a special evening with the special people in my life!

  2. P.J.,
    Get well soon. I’ve never heard of a ‘GERD’, but it sounds nasty. I’m still looking for a Doctor myself. My previous Doctor resigned, retired, moved away, disappeared, died, or any combination of any of those events. Interestingly I’ve now gone nearly 8 weeks since my last confirmed cold – the 8TH in 12 months. This cold-free streak can’t go on forever !

    J.T. & A.J.,
    Happy 40TH Anniversary to two of my favourite people in the entire universe ! Had I known about your anniversary in advance I would have at least sent the two of you a nice anniversary card and small gift. Now I know what to do at the start of January 2010 !

  3. Ela

    I’m so sorry you are having so much pain GERD is horrible. Do you eat a lot of spicy foods that can maybe bring digestive problems?
    I know a lot about pain, it can make you go nuts!

    You are always in my prayers and hope you get beter soon.

    Love ya…..

  4. Ela, thank the Lord I’ve had no pain at all today and just a little yesterday. I eat just about everything. I think the GERD was brought on by the hiatal hernia. I should find out next week. Thanks for your prayers.

    Chris, GERD = Gastroesophagial Reflux Disease. It feels like your food is sitting in your throat. The pain I felt was like a sword stabbing all the way through the middle of your chest and out your back, and it comes in waves. It just wouldn’t go away. Apparently, hiatal hernia’s occur in 15% of the population, but the vast majority of people have no symptoms or pain. I may have had it for a long time (if I have it), but the coughing could have aggravated it or made it worse.

  5. Ol' Atom-splitter

    Thanks for the mention of our BIG FOUR O Anniversary in your widely read blog, Citizen.

    It was a great for our kids to celebrate with us this milestone.

    I liked the fruit salad, too.

    One small correction: the exquisite meal we ate at the Columbia Restaurant in Ybor City was eaten during our honeymoon, not our engagement.

    The owner of the Columbia, a virtuoso violinist, found out we were on our honeymoon and came to our table and serenaded us. A camera girl came around, took our picture and provided a photographic record of that wonderful evening. Thank goodness that photo survived Hurricane Andrew. We still have it somewhere in the midst of our stuff.

    Little did we know where our married life would take us: as Frank Sinatra once crooned, “Who knows were the road will lead us? Only a fool would say. Cause when you love somebody its no good unless you love ’em all the way, all the way.”

  6. Victor

    Glad you’re feeling better

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