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Friday Bottom 3: Kevin Costner Movies

What do I say about Kevin Costner?  I don’t really like his acting, and I don’t really dislike his acting.  He’s just kind of there.  These are the movies that I don’t like starring Kevin Costner.

#3.  Waterworld – I saw this stinker at a drive through in Tennessee my second year in college.  The budget on this flick was so high and the expectations were not even approached, much less matched.  As an action film, it’s about average.  As an epic film it totally bombed.

#2. 3000 Miles to Graceland – This action film is supposed to have “style”.  Yea, it’s style if you consider garbage to be style.

#1.  Dances With Wolves – I really don’t know why I dislike this movie so much, but I do.  I suppose it could be the complete pile of unrealistic trash combined with political correctness.

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