Max Factor

No picture today.  Here’s the haps with the Max.  We were feeding and cleaning the bird cages and Max was extremely interested.  I took Chippy (the green cheek conure) out and Max startled him.  He wouldn’t even stay on my hand so I couldn’t introduce them.  For the record, Max has met the male lovebird and he does great with him as long as he’s in the cage.  I just don’t trust them enough to let him lose.  It wouldn’t take much of a snap from Max, even though he’s tiny, to hurt or kill the little lovebird.  Anyway, I let the female lovebird out and she burrowed down in my hand while Max sniffed her.  She nibbled at his nose, but didn’t really bite or act defensive.  The funny thing is that Max let her walk all over him until he turned his head and saw that it was a bird walking on his back.  The lovebirds are all about 1/3 to 1/2 the size of the conure, but they are so much braver than that Green Cheek green cheek chicken.  This week, Max may lose his new little buddy (the girl lovebird) since we are possibly giving her to someone from church.
On another note, I may take Max down to get his first cut/grooming tomorrow.  Wish the poor little fella luck, cause they may try to take his masculinity away.  I will try to protect him from fruitification.  I’ll tell them to put a cammo bandanna on him or something.  🙂


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  1. Ela

    I think that Max is one of a kind. Too bad we are all allergic to birds we used to have the love birds when the kids were small for a couple of days only.

    Now is just my poodle mix. Although can’t imagine not having him:)

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