Friday Bottom 3: Musical Genre

I am a big fan of music of course. Some stuff we call music is not really music, in my estimation. These are the three worst, in my opinion.

#3. Techno/House – This is ok for a brief time, but it all runs together since it’s so repetitive. Much of this music sounds so similar, it’s hard to find the purpose of so many different songs. If you’ve heard one, you’ve heard it all.

#2. Rap/Hip Hop – The biggest problem I have with this form of “music” is its lack of creativity. Yes, it takes talent and skill to rap and to create some of the beats, but a high percentage of the music is from other songs that have been sampled and looped. The whole prison/street/gang culture which is pervasive in this genre is equally annoying.

#1. Death Metal – This is absolutely the worst garbage that people attempt to call music. Screaming and growling while drums and a guitar pegged to the wall wail unintelligibly is worse than nails on a chalk board. But if that is what floats your boat…


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2 responses to “Friday Bottom 3: Musical Genre

  1. ritzcrackah

    That’s what floats my boat Phil. I enjoy techno, but I agree with you on the repetative aspect of it. it does get quite annoying to hear the same beat for 3-6 minutes…Which is why I also despise reggaeton. With rap, I couldn’t agree more, but I do however like and regularly listen to death metal/black metal.

  2. Reggaeton is right up there. One song sounds like all the rest. Every drum beat, bass line, and chord progression is the same. That’s one annoying genre!

    As for Death Metal, I just don’t get it. The growling and screaming is nonsensical to me. And the drum beats, it’s tough to play I am sure, but it doesn’t have any soul or reason.

    Anyway, don’t worry about it. Friday is my negative day.

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