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Max Factor

Max got his first official cut and grooming this week. The poor guy could barely see when I took him in because the hair on his muzzle curled up over his eyes. Now his big dark eyes really stand out and he looks like a little toy stuffed animal. I wonder if the sedated him for the mop chop, because he hates even being combed or brushed.


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Discount Fortune Cookie Messages

Chris Day has a sporadically regular entry he calls the fortune cookie message of the week. Yesterday, I had lunch with my mom and we got these discount fortune cookie messages and I figured I would just steal Chis’s idea. I may need an interpretation since I am not sure exactly the meaning of one of them.

There is something seeing and there is something being seen.

Hmm, not sure what to take from that one.

The difficulties of life are intended to make us better, not bitter.


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