Friday Bottom 3: Cable News Personalities

This bottom 3 list is not based on ratings, but simply on personal preference.  Since my preference is nearly impeccable, you can take my word as gold!

#3. Bill O’Reilly – This guy has a couple of decent things to say occasionally.  Unfortunately, he presents very few facts when he goes off on his rants against oil companies.  I watched one evening as he had Neil Cavuto as a special guest.  O’Reilly began talking about how he was “looking out for the folks” and slamming oil companies for gas prices that didn’t drop proportionally to the price of the falling barrel of oil.  Cavuto literally destroyed that argument talking about how oil at $20/barrell had gas prices at $1.50/gallon, but oil at $120/barrel had gas prices at about $3-4/gallon.  That means if you argue falling oil prices from $120/barrel were not moving fast enough, the price of the gallon of gas should have been between $9 to $12 at its peak.  He tried with no success to get the point through that there is much more cost that goes into a gallon of gas than a barrell of oil, but O’Reilly was too obtuse, stupid or maybe just too prideful to admit he was wrong, so he just continued yelling at the brilliant Cavuto.

#2. Chris Matthews – This guy has been masquerading as a legitimate news personality for way too long.  The combination of totally biased commentary with one of the most annoying and pushy personalities makes this guy nearly unbearable.  It’s no wonder that his ratings are totally in the tank on MSNBC.  I have another pet peeve about Matthews.  I can’t stand how he gets that dumb mouth mayo/spittle in the corners of his mouth while he is yelling and interupting everybody.  Besides, this knucklehead admitted on national TV that he gets a “tingle” up his leg when Obama speaks.  Give me a break.

#1. Keith Olbermann – This guy should have stuck to ESPN.  His biased opinions are not bad enough.  Like O’Reilly, this guy tries to pass his opinion off as fact, only he is so far slanted to the left he needs a kickstand.  Olbermann is what the Soviet Communists of decades past would have described as a useful idiot.  His smug arrogance combined with irrational anger makes him unwatchable for anyone desiring honest political coverage.  From my perspective, the purpose of his show is to make any God-fearing freedom-loving American look bad.


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8 responses to “Friday Bottom 3: Cable News Personalities

  1. Victor

    Since my preference is nearly impeccable, you can take my word as gold!…


    Please throw him INTO the nuclear reactor….

  2. Well Well Well. Let’s see. Where shall I start here ?

    Bill O’Reilly – I don’t watch his top-rated cable news show, but it’s not because I don’t like him. It’s because I watch and tape a bunch of other shows at 8 PM. I’ve seen him on Regis, Letterman, and Leno, and he seems cool to me. He must be doing something right since more people watch his show than any other show on any cable news network.

    Chris Matthews – One fact that you must be aware of is the fact that his ratings are not ‘totally in the tank on MSNBC’. His ratings are quite fine. I know this because I analyze the TV ratings every day. Other than that I don’t watch his MSNBC show, but I do watch ‘The Chris Matthews Show’ every Sunday morning (on tape). I’ve been watching it for years. I like it. He’s not too biased on it.

    Keith Olbermann – I don’t watch his show either, but he’s got his millions of fans who totally adore him. It’s a free country. Freedom of speech. That’s all I have to say about him.

  3. Matthews is so far off the radar on his MSNBC show, he doesn’t even register in the top 9 evening shows on cable news. For his 7 pm slot, he is dead last in the 3 major cable news nets (Fox, CNN, MSNBC). Yes, it’s in the tank.

    O’Reilly, like I said, has some good things to say occasionally. Unfortunately, he tries to pass himself off as legitimate news when he is mostly a circus side show. He’s definitely not a Brit Hume or even Lou Dobbs type. One of the things he does right is that he does not pull punches on the vast majority of his interviews. But, he gets a lot of things dead wrong and refuses to back down in the face of brilliant logic (see the Cavuto example above).

    Olbermann has millions of fans? He has 1.5 million viewers on his good nights which includes, I estimate, tens if not a couple hundreds of thousand viewers who cannot stand him but watch him because he is so far over the top. I don’t consider that millions of adoring fans. He’s a buffoon, which is why was pulled from prime time coverage during the Republican convention.

  4. Maybe some day we can have a very long and educational discussion on how TV ratings actually work and what constitutes a hit and a miss to any given broadcast or cable network.

    It’s no surprise that you don’t care for Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann, but I thought for sure that you were a big fan of Bill O’Reilly.

    What do you think of Sean Hannity ? Too Conservative for you ?

    One show that I do watch on Fox News Channel (probably the only show) is “Huckabee”. I wanted him to be the Republican nominee for President.

  5. I dig Sean Hannity. He uses his brains and speaking ability more than most hosts. He can outwit most and he never yells or loses his cool. What I dislike about O’Reilly is that he is a blowhard who selectively uses facts to support his point, rather than using his points to support facts. I would love to meet O’Reilly though. I think he takes the heat most of the time better than a lot of people. Hannity’s biggest problem is that he is more of a Republican hack than he is a conservative. He defended quite a few bad moves by the former prez Bush simply because he was a Republican. I like the way Hannity interacts with his guests and regularly brings out the best even with people who disagree with him.

    Huckabee seems like a great guy. He is kind and appears to be wise as well. He’s conservative socially, but a little on the taxish/liberal side fiscally.

  6. aj

    I have to agree with you, Phil. At one time I enjoyed watching O’Reilly (and still do occasionally), but he is a rude, know it all who definitely doesn’t give others an opportunity to talk. The same for Chris Matthews; he makes me tired just watching him. Hannity’s a patriot (in O’Reilly’s words). Matthews is a pinhead. 🙂

  7. Ol' Atom-splitter

    God bless O’Really? and help him come to grips with the patriots who actually make his rant prone program the ratings giant it is. He dominates the cable networks every week. Nobody does it better than him. But he is a mixed bag with his rude and condescending manners, attempts to garner both right and left and with his ambivalence toward conservatives. To his credit he has some notable subjects on which he is entirely predictable. Here are Phil famous “five” top ones:
    1. Judges who abuse their power
    2. An unabashed, “no-excuses” condemnation of pedophilia
    3. Rich movie stars/athletes/personalities who trash America which gives them their opportunity for wealth.
    4. “Merry Christmas” is now politically correct thanks to O’Really?
    5. He fearlessly manhandles liberal talk sows like Bawbwa Wahwah, Loopi Ghoulbug and Doozi O’Dumbbell.

    The downside of O’Really is he wants to be thought of as being in the middle and does not want to use the word “liberal” to describe…oh, I dont know… say LIBERALS. Plus his rude and condescending manners reflect poorly on the good causes he champions. Does anyone, i.e. anyone, really believe he does what he does…Urummenner…O’really looking out for You?

  8. billyfinch

    Try watching Current TV if you really want a head spin.

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