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The Max Factor

Poor Max had his first sick day.  We noticed Saturday night that he was especially mellow, content just to lay there and chill out most of the evening.  Then when I woke for work on Sunday morning (4 AM), he did not let me know that I was supposed to take him outside like he normally does.  I took him outside anyway.  As I get ready every morning, he has his chance to get a drink and eat a little food.  He drank a little, but did not eat.  As some of you know, I went home around 5:45 AM since they were overstaffed at work.  When I got home, Max was asleep upstairs and didn’t really show interest in getting up like he normally does.

After church, it was clear that he was not feeling his best because he hid in the corner of the front entrance area behind a plant and slept there.  At one point we were looking all over the house for him and he was nowhere to be found (he was tucked away hiding in a corner asleep).  By the time the Super Bowl rolled around, he felt very warm and was shivering.  Marcela tried to get him to drink but he wouldn’t.  He would get up every 30 seconds or so and re-situate himself, but he seemed confused and was looking back and forth with the saddest eyes.  Eventually, I got a turkey baster and filled it with water, held his mouth open and put the water in there and he drank quite a bit.  For the next hour or two he steadily got better.

By bed time around 10 PM, a noise outside woke him and he growled and barked for the first time all day, and he woke up and found a paper towel on the coffee table.  He took off with it, tore it up, and then we knew he was feeling a lot better.  The short of it is that we never found out what was wrong with him, but he’s back to his normal mischievous self now.


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