The richest want it;
The poorest have it;
if you keep eating it, you will die an untimely death.


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31 responses to “Riddle

  1. sandysays1

    Nice fish and good number! Do you think that’s always so? Absolutes bother me.

  2. Still need an answer to the riddle. Naturally, this riddle is absolutely true. With medical intervention I am sure there are ways..


    What do I win?!

  4. You win the answer! Congrats. 🙂

  5. billyfinch

    Oh dang Kelly, I was going to say a Big Mac.

  6. I sure would like a Big Mac about now. Dr. Atkins said those things aren’t healthy because they have too much bread.

  7. chris field

    i have another one for you: i walk on 4 legs in the morning, 2 legs in the afternoon and 3 legs at night. what am I?

  8. chris field

    Or every day I leave home go 90 feet turn left, go 90 feet turn left, go 90 feet turn left and end back at home. What do I do for a living?

  9. Chris, the first was discussed in my developmental phychology course back in 1996 along with the quote “The child is father of the man.”. The answer is the life cycle of man. Four legs crawling in the morning of life (baby), two legs walking in the day (maturing life), three legs in the twilight with a cane (as an old man).

    Good riddle!

    I don’t know the other one but I will figure it out or find it out.

  10. I think I just figured your other one out. How many feet are in a base path?

  11. chris field

    ok how about this: every day I leave home on the 90th floor get into an elevator, take it all the way down to the 1st floor and leave. Every night I come home get into the elevator, take it to the 50th floor and walk up the rest of the way, unless it’s been raining or someone is with me. Why?

  12. I’m stumped Chris. Go ahead.

  13. chris field

    i’m a dwarf. i can only reach the 50th floor normally. when it is raining i have an umbrella and can reach the button, and when i’m with someone else they push the button for me. got ya.

  14. chris field

    i’ve got more if you want them.

  15. chris field

    What has roots that nobody sees, is taller than trees, Up ,up it goes, And yet never grows?

  16. chris field

    Voiceless it cries, Wingless it flutters, Toothless it bites, Mouthless mutters. What is it?

  17. The last one is a mountain. I cheated on the last two. 🙂

  18. chris field

    It cannot be seen,cannot be felt,Cannot beheard, cannot be smelt. It lies behind starsand under hills, And empty holes it fills,It comes first and follows after,Ends life, kills laughter.

  19. chris field

    a box without hinges,key,or lid, Yet golden treasure inside is hid.

  20. chris field

    Alive without breath, As cold as death, Never thirsty,ever drinking, All in mail never clinking.

  21. chris field

    This thing all things devours: Birds,beasts,trees,flowers; Gnaws iron, bites steel; Grinds hard stones to meal;Slays king,ruins town,And beats high mountain down.

  22. #1 Darkness
    #2 An Egg
    #3 Fish
    #4 Time

    Those were great Chris. I have to admit to cheating and looking them up. But in any case, those were good riddles.

  23. catlover1961

    Phil two things #1 how do I become part of the Life-Pointe bloggers? #2 please come to my blog(catlover1961.wordpress.com) i’ll be telling my life story(hope no one goes to sleep. Everyone is invited so please come.

  24. catlover1961

    Thanks Phil, I don’t care what Michelle says about you!

  25. catlover1961

    oh she’ll know with me telling her. she’s psychotic, sorry i ment psychic.

  26. Michelle Field

    yeah whatever you guys, get over your self

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