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Day #1

The outage at Turkey Point officially begins today. What does that mean for you? Probably nothing at all, unless you work for FPL, one of its contractors, or a company that will do business at Turkey Point. What does it mean for me? Hopefully more overtime, and definitely a few changes to my work routine. It’s very likely that I will be in a few posts that are only opened during this refueling outage schedule. It also means a few minor annoyances or inconveniences here at the job site, namely plant layout changes and more noise. So it’s not so bad for those of us working security at PTN, but most of the other departments will go scrambling around through containment and other areas of the RCA. That fact along with all the new plant workers will mean more alarms and posted positions to prevent any conditions that could lead to regulatory issues. I am sure Mark S. and my dad will have an increased workload due to the outage, not to mention a major schedule change which has already started for them.

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