Coraline 3D

Saturday, Marcela and I headed up to the Cobb Theater at the Dolphin Mall to watch a movie. We decided on Coraline based on a recommendation from an acquaintance who had already seen the film. It was a pleasant surprise to find that the movie was in 3D!

Here’s a brief review…
This is a stop motion film that is dark and mysterious, but beautifully made. The film was about a girl who finds a portal to an alternate world in a very old house, similar to the story of Alice in Wonderland. However, in the alternate world, her “other” mother, father, neighbors, and friend Wybie are nicer and more interesting to her. They also have buttons for eyes (I haven’t figured out the meaning of that yet). The longer she is in the alternate world, the more danger she realizes she is in. The characters are seen from Coraline’s perspective, so their personality and appearance change based on her changing opinion of them. The more time she spends in the alternate world the more sinister her “other mother” appears, and the more the reality of the dangerous world becomes visible. Visually, the 3D was perfect! Actually, it may have been the best 3D I’ve seen. I did not get a headache, like I normally do in a 3D show. The motion did get choppy at points. I would imagine that it was a budget issue since stop motion is extremely time consuming and expensive. If you like dark mysterious fantasy movies, you should love Coraline. Be warned, I don’t believe this movie is appropriate for small children; it could give them nightmares and scare them pretty good, like A Nightmare Before Christmas (also by Henry Selick).

I recommend this film in 3D, but since I haven’t seen how the animation works on a regular showing I don’t know if I would like it as much.

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