Dreary Sunday

Today was a pretty slow day at work. Though it was an outage, there was not a whole lot of work going on from what I could see. There were grey clouds covering the sun all day (so far) too. I missed being at church. I heard it was an awesome day.

I’ll be out of town the next two weeks, but I should be back the weekend of the 19th. My NCAA Tourney Brackets are also totally wrecked now. Oh well. At least I had a good start. As for the blog, I am not sure yet if I’ll be blogging during my vacation or not. I haven’t missed a day in over a year. If it happens, it happens. Because, “it” happens. 🙂


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2 responses to “Dreary Sunday

  1. I am preparing for a worst-case scenario – no blog entries from you while you are away on the high seas. I’ve already got a contigency plan in-place – borrow from you the only weekly blog series that you didn’t borrow from me – the Wednesday Quotable. (Just kidding.)

    At least you made it slightly over a year without missing a blog day. That makes you the 2ND most dependable blogger that I know – 2ND to me of course. (Not kidding.)

    ENJOY the trip. Take lots of pictures including a whole bunch that are not fish-related. 🙄

  2. marksimiley


    Have a great VACTION. We are planning on taking on the last full week of April. Of course it will be a sunny cruise on a big white ship to some amazing blue sea destination. Relaxation after this outage and a mind reset right before License Operator Systems Class starts. I will miss you!!!!!

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