The Trip

I will try to get some pics and videos up tonight.  I had such a great time!  Mark, Mary wants to schedule an LPC cruise.  How great would that be?  I would be in!

I have some great pics and vids of stingrays and corals in Grand Cayman just off the barrier reef, Dunns River Falls at Ocho Rios, and some Mayan ruins and the beaches at Cozumel.   I don’t know how the water can get any prettier than what I saw in Cozumel!  Unfortunately, our three reef trip in Cozumel was cancelled due to strong winds and rough seas.  So, I have to go back.


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4 responses to “The Trip

  1. Count me in for an LPC cruise too. In fact I’d help to organize it – and be a guide onboard the ship !

    Meanwhile I’m looking forward to seeing your cruise pics.

    P.S. I filled in for you for last week’s ‘Wednesday Quotable’. Check it out ! 8)

  2. Nancy Lemmond

    Sounds like you and Marcela had a great time on your cruise, YEA! I, also, would love to go on an LPC cruise, bring it on!

  3. Phil,

    As long as we coordinate class dates and vacation I AM ALL IN!
    What I am really looking forward to is a cruise in Dec 2010 or Jan 2011 as a celebratory cruise for obtaining my SRO License. It is going to be 10+ days of rest, relax, and fun in the sun. Probably southern caribbean on Princess, but Ill let you know.

  4. Greta and I took that exact same trip with Carnival. Good times!

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