One in a Million!

I have never seen anyone as loving, tender, sensitive, tough, strong, hard wording, or sweet as my mother.  She puts up with my bad behavior more than she should.  I am still her little boy; I know that.  Ask Marcela, I guess I never grew up.  I am Marcela’s boy too!  🙂

Mother, I love you so much.  Thank you for loving me and being the absolute best mom in the whole world.  There is no way I could have asked for a better example of how to care for others.  Sometimes I think you put too many people ahead of yourself.  I wish you would be a little bit selfish every once and a while and do your thing.  But you insist on putting your own needs and desires aside to care for others.  Without a doubt, you are one in a million.

I will be on shift this weekend, so I will miss spending Mother’s Day with you for the second year in a row.  Sorry for that.  Be blessed in all you do and have a special Mother’s Day.

-Mom “What am I going to do with you?”

-Little boy Phillip “Keep me!”

Blue Ridge Parkway

Mom and Phil at the Blue Ridge Parkway


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5 responses to “One in a Million!

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  2. Beckie

    I totally agreed with everything you said !!! All I know is that I would not be at LPC (or even in church ) if not for your Mothers’ heart Anne !!! There are ALOT of people ( at LPC ) who feel the same way !!! Hope you had a BLESSED MOTHERS DAY. ANNE!!!! Phillip you and Marcela have the same heart. The apple didnt fall far from the tree.
    Love you guys, Beckie
    Sooooo happy to be on the net again, I have missed so much…lol

  3. aj

    Happy Birthday (Tuesday), Phil!

    So glad you made the suggestion that we “keep” you 🙂 and so glad we did!

  4. Beckie



  5. Happy (belated) Birthday P.J. !

    You are exactly 9 days younger than my brother (born May 03RD 1975).

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