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Wedding CrasherPhil and MarcelaFive Pound Lobster

I was born on Florida’s gulf coast and moved to Homestead in 1986 at the age of 11. I had a great childhood filled with love from the most caring family on the face of the earth. Trips all over Florida and the Southeast with my father were not uncommon as a child. I also enjoyed going to football and baseball games with my dad and brother. My grandparents, both maternal and paternal were kind, hardworking, strong, adventurous, funny, and involved in my life. They have gone on to meet Jesus; I miss them. My mom is the best! She loves to invest all of her free time in the lives of others, especially her family (my dad, Travis, Kelly, and their three babies, and Marcela and me). My dad is a very talented musician, singer, preacher, writer, and grandfather. He works as a radiation protection tech at a nuclear power plant in South Florida.

In 98, I graduated from Lee University in TN with a bachelor degree in Psychology. I moved back to Homestead where I worked in social services for 7 years. From 2005 to 2007, I worked as a case manager and court liaison for CHARLEE a DCF provider. It was one of the most difficult and rewarding experiences I’ve had. Currently, I work as a nuclear security officer in south Miami-Dade County. For several years, I served as the music ministries director at Homestead Church of God, now known as Life Pointe Church. My dad was senior pastor from 1986-2004, my brother is currently senior pastor.

I married Marcela in 2005. We enjoy spending time together at church, animal watching in the Florida Everglades, watching movies, eating out, Dave and Busters, and our favorite pastime is Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. We also enjoy snorkeling together on the coral reefs of the Florida Keys.

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12 responses to “About Phil

  1. Victor Calero


    If you 2 went snorkeling together, why didnt you just leave him down there?–plenty of hungry fish in the ocean…

  2. Because I am the best mistake she ever made.

  3. The fish are still waiting, Marcela….u still have a chance….

  4. Kevin

    Dude…. what is that giant crab thingy you got? Holy poop, did it take you a month to eat?

  5. Kev, it’s called a lobster. Split it 4 ways and it fed everyone plenty.

  6. hoh

    not many big lobsters left anymore
    all the big ones are gone
    rather like elephants with big tusks – they have been poched out of the gene pool.
    is that you with your lap top in the header?
    nice pic

  7. I imagine genetics plays a role in how fast a lobster grows and thus would allow or restrict a lobster to reach the bigger sizes before they succumb to predation, are caught, or die of natural causes. The fact is that a lobster has no predetermined size, and as long as they are living and feeding, they will continue to grow. It takes almost exactly 3 years from an egg for a spiny rock lobster like the one above to reach legal harvesting size in FL. 🙂

    Yes that’s me in the header pic with my laptop. Thanks!

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  9. Adam

    christian guilt.
    christian rejection.

  10. Shirly Giagone


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  11. catlover1961

    Hey Phil, still thinking about those riddles?

  12. Hallo praise the Lord.
    I am pastor from Rwanda Kigali East Africa, I want friendship be tween me and you.
    I want that you come to visit us our church our country and you see what we do.
    I am founder of Africa Mount and Shine Ministries.
    God bless you.

    Pastor Michel Ntakiyumuremyi.
    Rwanda kigali.

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