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Saturday Top 5: Reasons to Vote for John McCain

Last week, I gave 5 reasons to vote for Barack Obama.  I understand that there are many people who will vote for Obama for many reasons, but if you used the reasons listed last week to determine your vote, you need some help.  Here are the top 5 reasons to select John McCain as President of the United States.

#5 The economy is on the precipice of recession. One candidate wants to lower taxes and stimulate real jobs, the other candidate wants to lower some taxes, give government handouts, and introduce numerous other taxes to pay for his giant nationalization of the free system in America.  Our system is the best and most successful system in the world and we do not need to make the kind of changes Obama is advocating.  We need lower corporate taxes to attract business which creates jobs.  We do not need an all-intrusive government handing money out to her children so they can stay enslaved.  America’s financial strength was not built on the socialistic principles that have failed everywhere they have been implemented.  Economic pain really stinks, but sometimes it is necessary.  Every time we let the government protect us from every pain, it would be like having your mom and dad walking behind you all through life to catch you when you fall.  People have to fall, and people have to get up.  But we cannot live life without ever failing.  Even the greatest men in history failed time and again before they succeeded.

#4 The War in Iraq is being won. Whether or not you believe we should have gone to Iraq in the first place, the issue at this point would be leaving the country in a condition to maintain it’s stability so we would not have to go back in once again.  Obama fought against the surge and will not admit that the surge has worked.  For many weeks, McCain was one of the few politicians who advocated the surge, and it took a while for others to jump on board.  The surge has succeeded beyond everyone’s imagination, and those principles are what we need in Afghanistan.  That is the type of leadership I want in the Whitehouse.  I want a man who will stand up for what is right even when it is not popular.  McCain did that and will continue to do that.  Obama will continue to push for withdrawal of our troops, even on the verge of success and stabilization and even at the expense of the Iraqi people.

#3 The right to keep and bear arms as enumerated in the Bill of Rights is an individual right, not a collective right granted to the state. McCain has a strong record of protecting the individual right to keep and bear arms, and his opponent has the opposite record of trying to restrict the individual rights of Americans.  This is a major reason I am supporting John McCain for POTUS.  As a “bitter clinger“, I am offended and distrustful of any politician that thinks I am too stupid to protect myself and my family.  We should never trust our provision, whether for food, protection, or money to the government.  “FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS!”  🙂

#2 John McCain is not Barack Obama. Unfortunately, this is one of the biggest selling points in this election.  McCain will not: sit down with terrorist heads of state and rogue dictators and negotiate; appoint tons of left wing federal judges; destroy the American economy; surround himself with far left advisers; submit to the will of the UN; make a move to restrict individual liberty like free speech, religious speech, and gun rights.  It’s not necessarily a good thing to run on the negative side in politics, but those of us on the right (which is right) do not have an inspiring choice this year.  McCain has no big ideas when it comes to inspiring the masses, but he sure has this going for him… HE’S NOT OBAMA.

#1 Because the innocent unborn must be protected. John McCain has had his share of issues and reasons to not receive my vote.  Most of which are his disappointing bipartisanship and the way he bends over backward to help the left wing Democrats accomplish their mission to raise taxes and weaken the American wage earner, but he has stood firm in support of the innocent unborn.  For this reason it is imperative for me, as a Christian and someone who wants to see life protected, to vote for John McCain for president.  No other issue is as volatile, and no other issue has been as firmly entrenched in our political fight.  This is the first time in years that we actually have a chance to make a difference.  With a minimum of two left wing judges coming off the court in the next 4 years due to retirement, and the court at a 5-4 balance in favor of the left, we can do something big this election.  With a president Obama, the courts left wing majority will be locked in place for possibly another 10 years or more.

There were plenty of other examples I could give to show you why I am supporting McCain in this election.  Please feel free to add to the list or to show why I am wrong.


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Political Quick Hit: Mainstream Media Bias

Recently, someone posted as justification for their support for the untested, unvetted, and almost completely unknown cipher Barack Obama that we should look at what the media thinks of McCain following an endorsement from a Chicago newspaper (which has never endorsed a Democrat) and the Miami Herald. To me that would be comparable to looking to the UN begging for an Obama presidency as grounds for supporting Barack Obama.

This journalist believes that the media bias in this election is a last minute “Hail Mary”. He believes that it is an attempt to revive the fairness doctrine which would squash alternative media (AM radio, internet news, bloggers, opinion based shows like O’Reilly and Olbermann, etc) and help revive the floundering institutions of print and broadcast “mainstream” media. It’s pretty obvious that there is a major left wing slant if Dan Rather complains about the left wing bias in MSM


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Wednesday Quotable

Some great quotes that give you a little pause with this giant spending bill that will probably be passed.  I’m not taking a position, but I just want to put this out for thought.

The Social Contract is nothing more or less than a vast conspiracy of human beings to lie to and humbug themselves and one another for the general good. Lies are the mortar that bind the savage individual man into the social masonry.
– H.G. Wells

Fear is the foundation of most governments.
– John Adams

“Fiat justitia, pereat coelum.” (Let justice be done, though heaven fall.)
-John Quincy Adams

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Spontanious Thought

  • This morning, I enjoyed a breakfast I prepared at my house of scrambled eggs, sausage, and a slice of low carb toast with my mom at the church office.  The food was delicious, if I do say so myself.  My mom made the coffee and it was great.
  • The topic on everyone’s mind is the economy.  Who would have thought that this country could be so vulnerable?  It seems like the things we put our trust in can so easily fail, but only God does not fail.
  • Combined with a lack of available money in the banks, fear is one of the driving forces in this potential meltdown.  It’s the fear that if I don’t get my money out now, I will not be able to get my money at all.  So people will cash out of banks, money markets, mutual funds, etc, and the available liquid assets banks and lenders use to extend credit dries up.  Without the available credit to do normal business, and banks not having money to lend, it further drives people to pull their cash out.  When a bank cannot give you cash that is in your account, they go under.  When their is no available credit or liquid assets, corporations and businesses cannot pay employees, consumers cannot purchase goods, and the economy completely grinds to a halt.
  • It’s not uncommon for a bank to fail.  It has happened before.  It is not uncommon for homeowners to foreclose.  That happens at a fairly predictable pace.  What is not common in the US is double digit unemployment, foreclosures in the numbers we are seeing and will continue to see over the next couple years, and major investment firms folding over night due to a lack of liquid assets.  We are teetering on a true economic meltdown.
  • The $700 billion bailout (which would more likely be $1 to $1.5 trillion) would not really solve the problem.  The government claims that taxpayers would not get stuck with 100% of that bill.  They claim that there would be revenue from those toxic loans and mortgages as a percentage would continue to pay their mortgages, and the other homes that the government would foreclose on would be sold or rented for revenue.  I have a hard time believing that the government can efficiently sell or rent property at a rate that would bring in revenue, and even if they could I don’t believe that they would pay down any debt with that revenue.  They would find a way to spend it on something new.
  • I also believe in the free market.  I believe that there has to be pain in order for their to be healing.  Unfortunately, this problem seems to have stemmed from the Community Reinvestment Act, which mandated that banks and lenders approve mortgages for people and businesses who were under qualified as a way of extending “the American Dream” to everyone.
  • Just for the record, I don’t believe the American Dream is owning a house or anything like that.  The American Dream is the idea that no matter where I start in life, I have the right to pursue happiness, to attempt to better myself, to risk, and that I am not forced into a “class” the rest of my life.  But just because I put my hand out, say gimme, and declare that “yes I can” does not mean “yes I will” or “no I won’t”.  Nobody owes you or me anything by birth.  But greed has pushed us to the edge.
  • McCain has suspended his presidential campaign while he goes to DC to work on a fix to this mess.  I appreciate that even though it may end his chance to be president.  Obama continues to want to have the debate, McCain wants to work.  There is time for the debates later, but this crisis is happening now.  Talking about it will not get it done.  I am not interested in a talker or debater for president as much as I want someone who will get the hard work done that is needed.
  • If this is a political stunt, it will be exposed as such.  If this is not a political stunt, then shame on those who are saying that it is.  Obama could look to his senior colleague in the senate for guidance here.  Let’s do this thing right.


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Pure Thoughts

  • Football season is upon us. It’s the only sport that really gets my blood flowing. Other sports are fun and fill the gap between off season, but football is the one I really love. The Dolphins and the Canes look much improved over last year.
  • Politics are also upon us, also. It is no secret (and many who read here may disagree with me) that I am a conservative. I have strong opinions on the right to life, individual freedom and responsibility, RTKBA, the economy, and taxes. So far, the most significant political decision I have ever witnessed in American politics was McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin for Vice Presidential running mate.
  • Governor Palin is a committed Christian, a mother of 5, a true pro life idealist who practices what she preaches. She has been attacked since the first day she was selected. So far, her family has been attacked, feminists and leftists have attacked her ability to parent, she has had her Christianity questioned, her experience and ability has been attacked, and her “lipstick on a pit bull” joke has been turned around to lipstick on a pig by several Democrats including Barack Obama. One prominent state Democrat chairperson stated that her primary qualification was that she did not have an abortion. The attacks have been vicious and brutal. Through all of that, McCain went from a 6 point deficit in the opinion polls to a 5 point lead. The mud slinging has back fired, and McCain comes out looking like a genius for this pick.
  • I have posted before that I support McCain/Palin for several reasons:
  1. The Economy: We do not need to raise taxes on anyone, especially the upper class and business owners who already carry the largest portion of the tax burned in this country. Our progressive tax code borders on socialist redistribution of wealth.
  2. The Courts: 2 or more SCOTUS Justices will retire in the next 4 years. McCain has promised to appoint strict constructionists to the courts, not judges who will make up the law and state that the Constitution is a living breathing document. That has implications for Roe v Wade (a horrible decision), RTKBA, freedom of speech, property rights, and separation of church and state (the freedom to worship). Right now the court sits at 4 constructionists and 5 “living document” justices, one of which is a moderate swing judge. Of the 3 most likely to retire in the next 4 years, they are 3 of the 4 most radical left wing judges on the bench. One judge could change this nation for the better.
  3. Security: We need a president who can make a decision and live with it. I trust McCain to protect this country from the many enemies in this world who want the US to fail and would love to attack us. Obama has not made real decisions in his lifetime, and that’s probably a good thing. His view of the world is that we should sit down with our enemies and chat. I want a president who is able to sit and talk when appropriate, but has the guts and experience to stand up our enemies. McCain is that man.
  • With all of the above in mind, both campaigns are avoiding one of America’s biggest concerns. What is going on with Social Security and Medicare? These entitlement programs have become monsters, not only of obligation to the promises made to those who have paid in and deserve to be treated with respect, but also streams of revenue for the government. Estimates (that have been pretty accurate) are that by 2017, the system will not be bringing in enough money to pay obligations. The money that is being robbed out of the account to pay our minimum bills will be less that we need another 20 years later. Therefore, we will have to raise the caps, reduce benefits, raise the benefit age, raise taxes, or some such thing, just to keep the system afloat for a few more years. This does not even address how to fix the problem. This is only a stop gap. To the Republicans, this is an issue that is scary to touch. It is used as a political weapon to attack anyone who wants to change it. To the Democrats (who ignorantly say the system is solid), it is a goose laying their golden eggs (votes). Yet, to this point, nobody is talking about it in this election. I guess we are just going to pass the buck along to each president until it is a full scale crisis and let him or her take the blame.
  • As I see it, the only president that tried to present a solution was George W Bush who was burned on his privatized system (which would work). After he was burned, instead of going back to the drawing board he did the opposite. He added to the bloat. The prescription drug benefit just made the system bigger and more untouchable. This has been a failure, not a success for this administration.
  • 7 years ago today, our nation was attacked ruthlessly and without provocation. Thousands of innocent American citizens perished in those attacks. Included in those who perished were fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, businessmen, firemen, police officers, military personnel, great financial minds, simple janitors, hard working men and women, and concerned American citizens trying to save others. We should honor them this anniversary. We should not forget their sacrifice. We should never take for granted that we have not been attacked on our soil in 7 years. The next time you see a man or woman in uniform, whether they are firefighters, police, or military, take the time to say thank you. I know they would appreciate it. It may seem corny to you, but I have seen the look in the eye of a man and woman in uniform who have been greeted by a complete stranger and thanked for the job they do in keeping our nation free, and they really appreciated it.
  • We will never forget.

    We will never forget.

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Unconventional Thoughts

-This Republican ticket has really turned politics upside down. That I know of, for the first time most old white Republicans are saying that a woman is the right person to be second in command of the nation while left leaning feminists are complaining that a mother cannot do the job of VP because she should be at home taking care of her children.

-This morning, I am a little tired. I knew I had to get up at 4 AM as usual, but I was compelled to watch Governor Palin give her address to the Republican convention.

-The speech started around 10:30 PM, but did not end until almost 11:20. It was scheduled to go 40 minutes.

-Due to an uncontrollable crowd ovation when she came out, the speech went long. It was as electric and exciting a moment as I have ever witnessed.

-I was worried that she would not be able to stand up to the pressure of the moment but was totally reassured that McCain made the right choice.

-This speech was really just words, but it should make a difference for those who were worried if she could take the pressure. She pulled no punches in her jabs, she was warm and personal, and most of all she really pointed out her accomplishments (which quite surprisingly are far and above those of Senator Obama).

-Win or lose, Palin is someone to watch for the future of the conservative/pro America movement.

-It’s football season and the Life Pointe Fantasy Football league (click here for instructions to join) has 8 teams. We have room for 4 more, although 8 will be enough to have a solid league. You still have time to sign up; the draft is Sunday at 5 PM, and our first set of match ups will begin in week 2 of the NFL season.

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Judgment is Needed to be Commander-in-Chief

Barack Obama campaigned in the primaries that he would “redeploy” or withdraw troops immediately as president.  He voted to defund the troops on the battle field.  And both he and Harry Reid along with many other on the left have stated that the surge would not work and had no long term benefit to the war in Iraq.

This from Barack’s campaign website:

“Here is the truth: fighting a war without end will not force the Iraqis to take responsibility for their own future. And fighting in a war without end will not make the American people safer.

So when I am Commander-in-Chief, I will set a new goal on day one: I will end this war. Not because politics compels it. Not because our troops cannot bear the burden- as heavy as it is. But because it is the right thing to do for our national security, and it will ultimately make us safer.”

If we had listened to Obama and company, we would have already withdrawn from Iraq without honor and without victory.  We would have left Iraq in total disarray.  Unbelievably, the mainstream news has not covered the incredible progress in Iraq and Obama refuses to acknowledge that he was wrong.

General Petraeus, who the left dubbed “General Betray Us” because they didn’t like his stance that there should be no fixed time table repeats that there is light ahead.  We are moving toward Iraq taking the lead in security operations.  In this case as in the US economy, good news for Iraq is bad news for the Democrats.  Petraeus says that US troops could be leaving Baghdad soon.

Overall, Gen Petraeus said Iraq was a “dramatically changed country” from when he assumed command in February 2007. He said attacks had plummeted from a daily rate of 180 in June 2007 to about 25 recently. He mused that “there is certainly a degree of hope that was not present 19 months ago”.

Gen Petraeus welcomed the increased capability of the Iraqi security forces and the fact that 70 per cent of Iraqi army battalions are now taking the lead in military operations. The US military passed a milestone when it this week handed over responsibility for the former bloody province of Anbar province to Iraqi security forces.

Do we want to elect someone like Obama who has a lack of good judgment?  McCain had the fortitued to stand behind the military when it was not a politically smart thing to do so.  On this issue, my vote is cast for McCain.

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Wednesday Quotable

“Over the last 15 months, we’ve traveled to every corner of the United States. I’ve now been in 57 states? I think one left to go.”

Barack Obama

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For Mayor Nagin and President Bush, Gustav Means a Second Chance

This story is a great example how time and experience can make us better.

“I don’t think I can do another Katrina, but I can definitely do what we’re doing today because it’s smooth, it’s effective, and it’s getting the job done,” Nagin said Sunday from the train station where residents were boarding evacuation buses in a scene that was far less chaotic than during Katrina. “And we’ll be able to get our people back with little hassle.”

Personally, I have been thoroughly impressed with how the city of New Orleans, State of Louisiana, and the federal government handled this in the run up to a potential disaster. It seems that everyone has learned not only how to handle the pressure of the media scrutiny, but have also learned how to show people that there is help. The urgency of the disaster preparation this time around and the confidence of Mayor Nagin (as opposed to his whining, crying, and victimization of Katrina) has been refreshing. Jindal and Bush have really done well, too.

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Conventional Thoughts

  • I am just about in full swing politically now, having followed the true story of the Beijing Olympics, and now watching the Democrats in Denver.  Things will be getting interesting… for me anyway.
  • Last night, I watched old Slick Willy AKA President Clinton light up the crowd in Denver.  His speech stated that he would be supporting Obama, but I missed any details (other than that he is a Democrat) why anyone else should vote FOR Obama.  I heard exactly what I expected to hear.  “When I was president, everything was great, the country was great, the economy was great, the world loved us” etc.  What I didn’t hear was,”Obama is the best man for the job because _____________________.”  You will have to fill in the blank, because I don’t think “community organizer” or law professor is a good enough reason.
  • Biden’s speech was pretty good, but I did feel that it went from a heart warming piece into an attempt to paint John McCain as a poor choice.  Unfortunately, when Biden or any Democrat starts talking foreign affairs in a dangerous world, people start to think long and hard about who they want as commander in chief.  When he mentioned Russia/Georgia, the crowd died.  Fair or unfair, Democrats are not perceived as being strong enough to lead us in the world when there are rough times.
  • Biden’s speech didn’t connect with the crowd, certainly not the way Bill Clinton’s did.  At this point, Obama’s bounce shouldn’t be astronomical, though I assure you he will get a bounce.  John McCain should announce sometime tomorrow around 11 AM who he has selected for VP.  My dad is predicting Romney.
  • On to other stuff.  Tonight is the opening game of the season for the Hurricanes.  You will see me up at Joe Robbie…. er, Dolphin Stadium to watch the Canes get a little practice in against Charleston Southern.  If we make 10 wins this year, it will be extremely successful.  It’s sad how expectations have fallen recently.
  • It’s lobster season and I am still trying to get out.  Monday night looks really good!  Snook season starts that night too, so maybe we can grab a slot and some bugs.
  • I called the park ranger to ask how many bug we get, and when he said 60 each person I was ecstatic.  Then I realized he said “six to each person” and I was back to reality.  🙂  That was for Brian, if he is reading.
  • If you are interested in politics and especially from the point of view of a great American young man who is in living in exile from Cuba, check out Roberto Reports.  He has some good things to say and just recently started blogging.
  • Things are going to be changing up at LPC soon!  As of September 14, we will be going to 3 services on Sunday morning: 8:30 AM, 9:45 AM, and 11:00 AM all in the same Pier 2 at Flagship Cinemas at the Campbell Drive exit of Florida’s Turnpike.  I will be at all three, but I will see you guys at the 8:30, right?  🙂
  • O’course I will be working this week, so I won’t get to be at the theater Sunday morning.  But, I will see you next weekend, I garooooontee!


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