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Saturday Top 5: Most Annoying Songs 4/19/08

5) Pump Up The Jam – Technotronic This could drive anyone insane!

4) Brand New Key – Melanie Safka – How can anyone think this is good music, if you are older than 10?

3) Good Morning Starshine – Oliver – If you do too many drugs while reading Dr. Seuss, this song is the result.

2) Reach Out of the Darkness – Friend and Lover – Groovy Man! These songs from the late 60’s and early 70’s were far out! I mean REALLY far out. I think they were trying to make a statement with this one.

1) Party All The Time – Eddie Murphy – Eddie Eddie Eddie, you leveraged your fame as a comedian to produce a hit song. This song makes me want to hit something!

Honorable mention
Supermodel – Rupaul (I didn’t post a link to this because it is utter trash. If you feel like you can handle a drag queen singing a horrible song, you can look it up! It would have been my #1 song but I didn’t want to have it linked.)

Achy Braky Heart – Billy Ray Cyrus – Once this song is in your head, you cannot get it out. It’s a pretty simple song though. Simply bad!

I’m Too Sexy – Right Said Fred – This may be an example of how the most ridiculous junk can become a hit.

I would like to add that anything by Sean Kingston or Shaggy could trump all the above entries. They are a little too racy for me to add to my list so I left them out.


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