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Friday Bottom 3: Worst Breakfast Foods

In a way, these could be the top 3 as well. I will just say that these are really bad for you.

#3. Bacon – Why isn’t this #1?  Because these strips of fried fat and salt are actually OK if you are on Atkins.  Man, I love me some bacon.  Chris is going to need some Lipitor just reading this blog.

#2. Pancakes – It’s not bad enough that you smother these cakes with syrup and butter.  To get the whole experience, you need a stack of them and a side of bacon and sausage.

#1. Doughnuts – Or is it donuts?  It’s so confusing.  The problem with these delicious treats is complex.   They are deep fried carbohydrate loops drenched in sugar.  How can you just eat one for breakfast?  They just make you hungry.

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Saturday Top 5: Breakfast

It’s time for a massive breakfast! So what are the 5 “must have” items to consume at breakfast excluding beverage? Hey, all you oatmealers, cereal and milkers, danish and croissanters, and farina eaters, have a nice healthy breakfast of the following.

I’m sorry, sausage (links or patties), toast, and country ham almost made the cut. But I will gladly eat any of them any time.

#5. Pancakes – I was conflicted between pancakes and waffles making the cut, but then I started thinking about how people throw fruit and junk all over waffles. Then the thought of some soft, sweet, buttery pancakes hit me and it just makes sense. Waffles are good, but there’s nothing like a stack of flap jacks dripping with butter and maple syrup for breakfast. Of course, you gotta have some sausage or bacon with that!

#4. Grits – Bill had a great post on grits a few weeks back that really reaches to the essence of the question,”What are grits?”. It’s not just a breakfast food, but no southern breakfast is complete without it. And you better not put anything sweet on them! You might as well eat oatmeal or cream of wheat. For the record, grits can be eaten at any meal. That was what kept grits from making the top of the list. They are particularly good with fried fish and hushpuppies.

#3. Biscuits – Before I began my low carb existence, biscuits and gravy were regularly part of my unbalanced breakfast. Now, I only have some soy toast and butter as a treat that I can incorporate into my regular diet. Strawberry or fig preserves or grape jelly really goes great as long as you aren’t using your biscuits to sop your broken egg yolk. Sausage gravy rocks a biscuit like you wouldn’t believe.

#2. Bacon – This is quite possibly the most tasty creation man has come up with. Unfortunately, it combines the great health benefits of pork, fried fat, and an enormous quantity of sodium.

#1. The Incredible, Edible Egg – No good hot breakfast could be complete without eggs whether fried, scrambled, or boiled.


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