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Friday Bottom 3: Christmas Decorations

Every year, we see people express their Christmas spirit through various decorations.  These, to me, are the three worst Christmas decorations.  Please note that this is my opinion and in many instances a bad decoration is better than no decoration.  To those of you who will call me Scrooge, BA HUMBUG!

#3. Christmas Lights – Most Christmas lights are great, but there’s always that one house with a single stran of multi colored lights zig zagged through a bush or tree.  I think you have seen the one I am talking about.  “A” for effort, but I have to say that you fail.  🙂

#2. Inflatable Christmas Tigger – OK, maybe even an inflatable Winnie the Pooh or even inflatable snowman, but I will give Santa Claus a break this time.

#1. Motion Sensative Singing/Dancing Reindeer – Easily, this is the most annoying Christmas decoration.  We are talking Billy Big Mouth Bass of the Christmas season.  I especially despise the ones that play “Rockin Around the Christmas Tree” or “Jingle Bell Rock”.

Ba Humbug


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