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Friday Bottom 3: Summer Olympic Events

For those who frequent this blog, you probably could already guess a couple of these pseudo sports which are going to make the bottom three. These events, while entertaining in some cases, should never have been included in the competition. This is not open for discussion. The only discussion I personally will entertain is if you can choose a few events that are even worse than my bottom 3. And now for the 3 worst events in the Summer Olympic Games.

These were almost Bottom 3…

Badmitten – Why not have wiffle ball and nerf football events at the olympics too?

Synchronized Diving – It’s bad enough that medals are awarded for individuals who jump in the water, but now they give them to teams of people jumping in the water.

#3 Equestrian – The equestrian events have been around at the modern Olympic games since 1900. Just because it has been around for a long time doesn’t make this an event that should be held at the Olympic games. This grouping of events consists of Dressage (basically horse obedience and movement, or a 4H horse show on a grand scale), show jumping (which is the closest to legit), and eventing (a combination of cross country jumping, show jumping, and dressage). This sport is for the ultra elite and is a total joke. They might as well have a dog obedience show at the Olympics and give medals.
#2 Rhythmic Gymnastics – The premise is that a single female or group of female dancer/gymnasts prance around on a spring floor throwing and twirling hoops, balls, ribbons, and clubs while stretching and spinning around all over the floor. Let’s face the truth here. This “sport” is to artistic gymnastics as ice dancing is to figure skating. The world already recognizes this event for what it is, a joke. The most amazing thing is that there is an event even worse than this one, and it is actually recognized with gold, silver, and bronze medals.
#1 Synchronized Swimming – The butt of jokes for over 20 years now, synchronized swimming combines ballet, swimming, and supposedly gymnastics. The “sport” is judged on precision movement, difficulty, and artistic merit but should also include bonus points for makeup that does not run and the swimsuit design. As of now, the Olympic competition is open only to women in duet and team (5), but even if they had a men’s version, I would never claim to be an Olympic medalist or athlete if I competed in this farce. Synchronized swimming was introduced to the Olympic games in 1984 and like gum on the bottom of your shoe it just won’t go away. While baseball, which is one of the world’s most universal and popular sports, has been eliminated from the Olympics starting in 2012, and golf, another true sport that is very universal is not even an Olympic sport, we have some bone heads giving medals for a bunch of doll faced women swimming in circles like a bunch of waterlogged Rockettes. This “sport” makes me question the whole Olympic system.


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