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Wednesday Quotable

For the last 8 years, save a short period after 9/11, this nation has been in constant division and disunity. The nation has been torn by ideological divides on issues of foreign policy, social security, and economic/tax policy. The nation has spoken, and though I believe they have been misinformed by the mainstream media (who have done us a great disservice by investigating the lives of private citizens like “Joe the Plumber” more than the Democratic nominee for POTUS), their voice has been heard loud and clear. Abraham Lincoln quoted Matthew 12:25 in his call for unity and freedom in the Emancipation Proclamation. My new president (elect) Barack Obama will be faced with huge challenges. I will pray for God’s grace and wisdom as he leads our country through difficult times. If he fails to make good and wise decisions, I fail. If he succeeds in leading this nation in the right direction, I succeed. Therefore, now is the time to stand together in unity.

A house divided against itself cannot stand.
-Abraham Lincoln

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