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I Was Having Beijing Flashbacks

While I was watching the Democratic national convention last night, I was asking myself how anyone could actually believe that stuff. The way they idolized Ted Kennedy, the drunk driving limousine bleeding heart liberal, was particularly annoying. Caroline Kennedy’s speech came across as robotic and monotone, totally canned. If the Democrats had selected a moderate or someone with palatable views, this election would already be over. The problem is that they cannot help but select ultra liberal types who promise the world.

During the speech, my mind was flashing back to the Beijing opening ceremony of the Olympics where the fakery was less evident.


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Olympic Closing

As I watched parts of the closing ceremony and listened to the commentators heap gooey praise on China for putting on such a great event, I thought about all the human rights violations that were covered up by the news media and reporters in order to get the coverage they wanted.  I also asked myself,”How much of this junk is real?”  Obviously it was delayed due to time zones, but how much of it was pre -taped and edited for TV?  Of the lights, fireworks, and music, am I watching a performance that was filmed live, or is this some cinematic reproduction?  NBC has shown that they are quite capable of complicity with the communist government of China, so I guess it wold not be a huge surprise to find that the closing, like the opening, was full of fakery.  Like someone said before, the fake gymnasts’ ages, the fake fans, fake fireworks, and fake singing of the cute girl cannot be where this whole thing ends.  Everything this government does is fake, and NBC needed the coverage and the money.  Bring back the games for the sake of the games without all the hype and fakery.

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It’s not a sport!

Why isn’t there Olympic singing, Olympic painting, Olympic stand up comedy, or Olympic ballroom dancing? We might as well add these and many other events to the Olympics to complement synchronized swimming, diving, artistic gymnastics, figure skating, ski jumping, ice dancing, and all the other exhibitions in which winners are determined on the basis of artistic impression and a judge’s opinion. In past Olympics, it has been proven that judges have been taking money to ensure certain competitors receive favorable scores. Last night, a Chinese gymnast beat the American on the vault for a Bronze even though the Chinese contestant fell and the American girl did not. In what should have been a major deduction for the fall, along with another deduction for improperly executing the vault, points mysteriously were NOT taken off.

Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate watching the gymnastic events. My beef is that these exhibitions are placed on the same level with track and field events like the marathon which test the heart of an athlete, the 100 meter sprint which measures raw speed, shot put showing pure power, and on the level with the swimming races in which there is a measurable specific objective, and so the list goes on.

If it’s about what people enjoy watching, then we need to have a format like “Dancing With The Stars” and allow us to see tuxedoed men and gowned women demonstrating their talents while competing for gold. What is the difference?

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The Beijing fakery scandal deepens.

I am not surprised. We have more admissions by Beijing that the opening ceremony was fake. The 9 year old girl who appeared to have sung the national anthem for the opening ceremony actually lip sync’ed the song which was recorded previously by a 7 year old. The 7 year old was rejected for the leading role in the ceremony having been deemed unsuited for the stage because her teeth were not nice enough.

This is what happens when an authoritarian regime tries to project an image of national perfection. Symbolism over substance, as Rush would quite often say, is very important to a nation and government struggling for recognition and respect.


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Beijing olympic fakery.

I found an article outlining accusations, responses, and analysis of the fakery produced by Beijing and NBC’s coverage. This, to me, underscores the fact that the “mainstream” media outlets cannot be trusted. They actually added pre-recorded and CGI fireworks to the olympic opening ceremony. They also admittedly leave the “Live” stamp on the screen for the west coast viewers who are watching delays of two to three hours. Their claim is that knowledgeable viewers understand that there is a delay. It’s obvious that they are trying to add a sense of urgency and excitement that one is watching something live in order to boost the ratings. The offense with the openning ceremony and the fake fireworks is even worse. It’s bad enough that we are in a communist nation for the olympic games, but to add to the production and spectacle complicit with Beijing is even more sickening. How can anything they do or report be trusted? NBC should be ashamed.


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