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Blog and Bike Traffic

I don’t really have any great topic to post about today, but I do have a couple of thoughts.

#1. I usually don’t post too much anymore about blog traffic, but there were some interesting things to note. For the last several weeks, I have had very consistently high blog traffic for me, about 14 straight days of 120-170 hits per day. Friday traffic was about 200 hits, then yesterday the traffic dropped way off to about 80 hits. I guess people are still mad at me because I said I hate the Chipmunks Christmas Song. Still, I haven’t reached the blog traffic of a couple months back when I was at about 200-400 hits in a given day. Either way, for me it was the longest period of +100/day traffic. Much of it is because of my Top 5 Terriers post which is receiving about 40 hits a day and will soon become the all time most accessed blog post surpassing the Top 5 Most Annoying Songs.

#2. I fell for a Black Friday sale and bought a full suspension fork mountain bike with disk brakes; it’s a K2 Sidewinder. I don’t know a whole lot about the brand or the model since there isn’t much info on the net about this bike. It’s on the heavy side due to the cheaper components and features which are really made to take over some rough terrain and maybe even a little off trail downhill. And it’s an affordable entry model of a bike for someone who wants a full suspension fork. I’ve been riding it back and forth to Trav‘s and my mom and dad’s place and it’s been great to be out riding a bike again. Now I’m inspired to get my old Technium Road Bike tuned up since it is a little more appropriate for the paved terrain between our houses. Trav‘s bike has a trailer attachment that he puts his kids in and we’ve gone riding together. It’s fun to hear Kourtney and McKenna singing Frosty the Snowman while we’re pedaling away. Getting even a little burn in my thighs has been good too. It helps me walk the stairs here at work.

I wish I could be at LPC today, but I need to make a little $ to pay the bills. See you next weekend at church.


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