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Brisk Thoughts

-Thanks to Chris for the cold weather alert. This chill we have had for the last 4 days has been great.
-Global warming is a funny thing. When it gets hot, they say it’s global warming (makes sense). When it gets unseasonably cold, they say it’s global warming. When it rains a lot, you guessed it! When it’s dry, that’s global warming too. When there are record frequency and strength, they say that’s from global warming. But don’t forget, we just had record low activity, so I guess that’s global warming too.
-Max loves the cool air. When I let him out, the cool air hits him and he just has to run. I guess he’s enjoying this global warming.
-I have a doctor’s appointment this morning. I’m actually at the doctor right now. Gotta get some updates on my BP and my weight.
-I’m doing OK on my nutritional plan. So far, I’m down 20 pounds since about July.
-Next week I have a planned cheat day or two because saying no to my mom’s cornbread dressing, sausage balls, and broccoli casserole will be almost impossible.
-I’ll probably hang out with my brother, Kelly, mom, and dad tonight for the big game. Miami has a tough game tonight against Georgia Tech that they pretty much must win. A win means we are one game against NC State from the ACC championship, probably a rematch against FSU.
-Marcela and I are watching 24 on DVD. We are at the end of season 2 right now. We’re trying to catch up with the whole series to date.
-I gave up double time on Thanksgiving and Black Friday via trade. So my schedule for the next week is that I work Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, then I get the next 5 days after that off.
-I may go spend a couple of days in the keys with Marcela, but one thing I have to do is take Marcela to a couple stores on Black Friday to grab a few DVD’s and maybe a few other items.
-Since it’s another weekend of work, I will see some of you guys next weekend at both Homestead and Plantation Key. I love being part of Life Pointe!

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The EIB Award

This week was a slam dunk from everything I read. Even though there were many great entries from a bunch of great bloggers, this week’s EIB award winning post for “Excellence in Blogging” is awarded to:

Jesse, who details a weekend in which misfortune made giants! What a great testimony. And congrats on the future bundle to the Santoyos.

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EIB Award

The award for Excellence in Blogging goes to…

Pastor Trav for “Being the Church“.  Excellent work!


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The EIB Award

What a great week of blogging. The winner of the Excellence in Blogging award came from a healthy list of good material to from which to choose.

The runners up:
In an unprecedented moment, Billy has two blogs that made the list of potential EIB winning posts: first he talks about voting and a lesson to his daughter in civics; Secondly he discusses a better interview process so we can know who we are voting into the presidency.

The winner:
Chris Day gives a look at what a blog should be, a narrative of events, thoughts, and ideas. Congrats!

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Political Quick Hit: Mainstream Media Bias

Recently, someone posted as justification for their support for the untested, unvetted, and almost completely unknown cipher Barack Obama that we should look at what the media thinks of McCain following an endorsement from a Chicago newspaper (which has never endorsed a Democrat) and the Miami Herald. To me that would be comparable to looking to the UN begging for an Obama presidency as grounds for supporting Barack Obama.

This journalist believes that the media bias in this election is a last minute “Hail Mary”. He believes that it is an attempt to revive the fairness doctrine which would squash alternative media (AM radio, internet news, bloggers, opinion based shows like O’Reilly and Olbermann, etc) and help revive the floundering institutions of print and broadcast “mainstream” media. It’s pretty obvious that there is a major left wing slant if Dan Rather complains about the left wing bias in MSM


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The EIB Award

This week there were some awesome blogs.  I am going to make it a three way tie this week.

The winners for the Excellence In Blogging award are…

Chris Day’s Tuesday Night Grab Bag O’ Thoughts

Alex blogs about his new profession as a painter, and some really cool vintage drums

Trav, he needs to learn how to ride his bike again.

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The EIB Award

The Excellence In Blogging award goes to…


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Free Association Friday

-Liberal, left wing, Democrat, socialist, “spread the wealth”, Robin Hood, NARAL, NOW, “pro choice”, pro-abortion, euthanasia, big government, United Nations, gay marriage, gun ban, gun control, “useful idiot”, hate speech, PETA, animal rights, Darwinism, tax increase, tax and spend, welfare, law suit, trial lawyers, nationalized medicine, universal health care, Big Brother, regulation, progressive, news media, ACORN, Obama, voter fraud, collectivism, civil liberties, ACLU, amnesty, wacko environmentalist, tree-hugger, open borders, FDR, Carter, LBJ, JFK, “legislate from the bench”, class warfare, fairness doctrine.

-Conservative, right wing, Republican, Libertarian, Constitutional, Federalist, republic, patriotic, low taxes, freedom, rugged individualism, less government, strong military, 2nd Amendment, individual rights, individual responsibility, exceptionalism, big stick, Abe Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Reagan, Scalia, Israel, Life, sanctity of life, pursuit of happiness, justice, tort reform, silent majority, local control, states’ rights, judicial restraint, rule of law, Bill of Rights, parental notification, capitalism, hunting, conservation, Democratic Republic, business, entrepreneur, property ownership, intelligent design, religious freedom, school vouchers, adoption, hard work, nuclear family, DOMA, defense of marriage, Heritage Foundation, Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, Rehnquist, home schooling, private school, AFA.


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Straight Thoughts

  • If you have the guts, continue to read.  You may have your tender sensibilities offended because you don’t want to hear anything negative about someone you really like.
  • It’s been an interesting couple of weeks in the US, from economic bailouts and government takeover of our banking industry to pollsters telling us that our votes don’t really matter since the election is already over to fraud in the battleground states from Obama’s former organization ACORN.
  • I am believe in fair elections and I respect the will of everyone to vote for their candidate of choice (even those with whom I disagree), however I am concerned that the elections are becoming increasingly unfair, ripe with fraud, and stacked against the candidate and philosophy to which the press is opposed.  Our press is more and more just an extension of the left wing.  This election is a football game with the refs making calls in favor of only one side.
  • Why has there been no mainstream media coverage or serious discussion of Obama’s relationship with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, left wing radical Muslim sympathizer Ralia Odinga (who is reportedly Barack’s cousin), Obama fundraiser and convicted felon Tony Rezko and the left wing group ACORN?  Why is Michelle Obama’s doctoral thesis not to be released to the public until after the election?  Why is it that the dentention of American anti-Obama author Jerome Corsi not being discussed in the news?
  • When the election is over, and the possibility of America’s position in the world being weakened, and the chance that America will begin withdrawal of troops in a war that we are now winning, who will we turn to for information?  The news will not speak negatively of Barack Obama now, and they will not examine his affiliations from his formative years, but we expect them to give us the fair shake post election?  I have a serious distrust for the news, and have had that distrust for quite a few years.  This is really nothing new.  Just as you may not like someone telling you what to think or read (you may think I am doing that in this blog), I don’t like the news trying to shape my opinion based on their anti-Christian and left wing views.
  • Why were these topics not discussed in the debates: abortion, gun control, immigration, judicial appointment, and terrorism?  Could it be that the favored Barack Obama would have to explain his position that a dying baby following a failed abortion has no right to life?  Could it be that he would have to state publicly that he does not believe that individuals should have a righ to keep and bear arms?  Could it be that Senator Obama would have to clarify his position that judges should consider more than just the law when making decisions?  These are topics that I am interested in as well as the economy, healthcare, and the war in Iraq.
  • Whateve happens in this election, we need to pray for our country.  Whoever wins will have his hands full with the financial mess that we are in.


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The EIB Award

This weekly award goes to the most excellent blog of the week. I had a tough time deciding between two great entries this week. This weeks runner up is…

Jesse’s picture blog with a look back at a few years of Jesse doing what Jesse does best.

And the winner of the EIB award for Excellence in Blogging goes to none other than Billy Finch for his tribute to Rick Wright of Pink Floyd. I really could not pass on this excellent entry. The only thing I didn’t like about it is the tinge of sadness I get thinking about how I never had the pleasure of enjoying a Pink Floyd concert for myself.

Congrats Bill!


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