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Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D

Another movie review? Yea, I took Marcela up to Cobb at Dolphin Mall to catch another movie yesterday. We originally planned to see Hancock, but the 3D showing of “Journey to the Center of the Earth” caught our eye. Marcela had never been to a full length 3D movie, and I have been in the mood to watch family movies and adventure flicks so I was glad to check this one out.

Here are some of my thoughts on this movie:
We had a lot of fun just watching this movie and enjoying the 3D tricks. After the movie, my eyes became a little 3D weary and I got a slight headache, but that usually happens to me with 3D effects. The story was not at all deep (it was very loosely based on Jules Verne’s sci-fi novel of the same name but the characters used Verne’s novel as a guide underground). There wasn’t much in the way of acting, but Josh Hutcherson did do a very good job as a young teen actor playing the part of the nephew of geologist/professor Trevor Anderson. Trevor’s brother (the father of Sean) has been missing for 10 years. He disappeared while doing field research on seismic activity in Iceland. Brendan Fraser (the professor) delivered one cheesy line after another and pulled off his typical likeable portrayal of a lovable and somewhat sloppy bachelor character that he seems to play often. You must completely toss reality out the window in this movie to avoid being frustrated. For one of many possible annoyances with the lack of realism, the temperature in the world under ground is ranging from 85 to 120 degrees throughout their journey, yet they are barely breaking a sweat, they look like they are in the AC, and nobody has access to water. That said, the 3D effects and fun fantasy adventure made this an enjoyable kid movie, and was worth watching in the theater. Without the 3D, the movie was not worth admission. On the family-friendly side, this movie was very clean with the closest to a curse word being Fraser’s character exclaiming “look at all this shist” referring to some rock formation. It could be a little scary at times for a small child, but for kids over 6, I couldn’t see this being too bad. As a movie I would give this about 2.5 out of 5 points, but as a 3D movie, I would bump that up to a 3.5 out of 5.


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