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Friday Bottom 3: Bubble Gum Flavors

Here is a new feature on blog.  Each Friday, I will count down the bottom 3 of whatever subject I select.  This week’s topic is the 3 flavors of gum that should have never been created.

I will give one for the honorable mention….

Rootbeer – The reason rootbeer does not make the bottom 3 is because sometimes I actually think it tastes good.  As a drink, it’s great.  As a dum dum flavor, it’s pretty good.  As a bubble gum flavor, it’s not that good.

#3 Peppermint – This is a taste that is made for after dinner or candy canes only.  The peppermint bubblegum tends to remind me of pepto.  Like Earnest P Worrell said, eeeeeeeewwww.

#2 Dubble Bubble – I am not sure if it is the ultra sweet taste or the unintentional hint of banana (which would actually be a good flavor) that makes this a bad flavor, but DB just does not have a very appealing taste.  Bazooka Joe is not really that much better either.

#1 Watermelon – Nasty!  For one, watermelon bubblegum doesn’t taste like watermelon.  And secondly, it is disgusting.  Who came up with the idea?


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