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Monday Armchair QB

We had a mixed bag this weekend in South Florida for football.  The idea of the Canes winning an ACC title came to a smashing halt, while the Dolphins playoff chances advanced.

The Canes were whipped by the Wolfpack of NC State.  The game looked more than competitive early in the second quarter when Baby James scored a TD to put Miami up 14-7, and still looked good in the 3rd quarter when James did it again to put Miami up 21-20.  It was over when Miami fell behind 38-21 late in the 4th.  We added a meaningless TD with less than a minute to play.  That leaves VT with the division championship by virtue of their head-to-head win vs Ga Tech.  Tech would have probably been the coastal champ had we won due to their strong win over UGA and superior overall rank and record.  You are welcome, VT.

In the NFL, the Dolphins did what they needed to do even though it wasn’t very pretty.  Pennington was effective, Ronnie and Ricky did their thing, but it was the defense that deserves the accolades.  The Dolphin D held the potent St. Louis attack in check in scoring position.  With numerous scoring opportunities, the Rams could only muster 4 fieldgoals, no TDs, and Miami won the turnover battle 3-1.  It was also interesting that Miami just could not generate the same pressure on the QB that they normally do.  That meant zero sacks yesterday.  Miami was the only AFC East team to win yesterday.  We gained a full game on everyone in the division.  Miami’s record stands at 7-5 with a game remaining against the Jets.  We are 1 game back of the division lead, and one game back of the wildcard.  It is not exactly likely that we will make the playoffs, but it is not out of the question.

Two teams will clinch playoff spots this week in our LPC FFL.  I will beat Paul unless Owen Daniels gets negative 4, and the Dead Skins will clinch by beating Ritz like a rented mule.  The big news is that Bachrach is going to beat Jesse’s Fuserheads.  That leaves Jesse and Ritz vulnerable.  If Bachrach wins next week, and either of those two lose, they will miss the playoffs due to points.  Bachrach has the league’s highest point total.

In the second chance, I gained points on first place.  I am only 4 total points back even though I had a bad week.  That is what happens when only 2 teams win at home.  It makes for bad results in pickem.

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Thursday Thoughtful Thursday

-The holiday season is upon us. Just like our presidential election season, it’s starting earlier each year and last longer and longer.
-All the decorations are out at the stores, 93.9 FM is now playing Christmas music 24 hours a day, my wife is wrapping presents, and Uncle Sam (Santa Clause) is handing out wads of money to Amex, Morgan Stanley, and AIG.
-I haven’t decided whether I am having a live tree this year or if we will just break out the artificial tree.
-Saturday night, Marcela, my mom, dad, and I will be heading up to Miami for a bigtime Christmas treat. We are going to see Mannheim Steamroller in concert! I love it. I am sure most everyone has heard them before, even if they didn’t know it. If you’ve never had the pleasure of listening to them, you have to give it a try. Their Christmas albums are the standard by which all modern electronic techno medieval classical Christmas music is measured.
-Last year, we saw Trans Siberian Orchestra at the Bank Atlantic Center and that was a blast. They are the standard by which all 80’s hair band anthem stadium rock classical orchestral Christmas music is measured.
-Yesterday was open range for me, meaning I had 4 hours of gun range time. I ran roughly 300 rounds of Federal Premium Hydra Shok through my new olive green Glock 19. That’s nearly $200 worth of ammo just for target practice, and it cost me nothing.
-I also put 12 or so rounds of 00 Buckshot in a 2 1/2 inch cartridge through my Mossberg. Everything was fine until a friend broke out some slugs in a 3 1/2 inch magnum cartridge and convinced me to give it a try. My wrist and hand are still swollen from that one.
-Max was so full of energy yesterday when I let him out. He took off running in the field as fast as he could in a giant circle. We played fetch with a mini tennis ball and he’s getting pretty good at it.
-I figure that if anyone comes in the house unannounced and unwelcome, Max is going to take care of business. What a tough 4 lbs watchdog he is. 😉
-I have an incredibly tough game this week against Fuzzy’s Deadskins. He’s tied with me for the second best record. Whoever wins this game will solidify their playoff chances. Playoff seeding could be determined by this game too.
-I’m really looking forward to church this weekend. I will be at practice tonight, service Sunday morning in Homestead, and Sunday night in Plantation Key.
-If all goes as planned, I may have a job in the next few short months that allows for me to be at church every weekend instead of every other weekend. Pray for that job to come through.
-One last quick though. The Canes have a big game tonight against the Virginia Tech Hokies. The Hokies typically grind it out on the ground, run the option, play tough defense, and score with their special teams. If Miami plays to their abilities and avoids turnovers and big plays from VT’s offense and special teams, we should win handily.


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Fresh Thoughts

  • What can be said about living in South Florida this time of the year?  The weather is absolutely beautiful, the sun is bright, the air is fresh, and the temperature is perfect.  I love it.
  • With all the talk we have had over the past few years about man made global warming and increased hurricane activity, we have now had two years of extremely low hurricane activity in the northern hemisphere, the lowest in 30 years.  We have also had record low temps for this time of the year all over the globe, and even in our back yard.
  • My washer kicked the bucket.  Brandsmart USA has to send someone out to fix it.  I hardly ever buy the extended warantee on my appliances and electronics, but that was one item I decided it would be a good idea to purchase it for.  It’s covered.
  • There are some great opportunities that may be coming open for me soon.  It would have an effect on my schedule, which should mean that I can be at church every weekend.  I pray that it works out.
  • Tonight I have to be at work and I don’t get back until the weeeeeeeee hours of the morning.
  • Maximus is a funny little guy.  We still have not decided when we are going to have him clipped, but he is a big fluffy ball of soft hair.  He doesn’t really run, but he sort of hops around like a rabbit.  Every now and then, he gets a big burst of energy and just takes off through the house weaving through all the furniture in and out of all the rooms downstairs.
  • I went to Lou’s this past weekend and picked up a new Glock, and I think I am going to get a Mossberg 500 next week.  That should be enough for a while.
  • The Hurricanes are playing some decent football now, and so are the Dolphins.  There is some real talk of the Dolphins making a run at the playoffs which would have seemed impossible last year.  At 4-4, they are favored to win again this week.  So far they have been beating the best teams on the schedule and losing to the worst.  The Canes are looking at the possibility of a decent bowl game, maybe a run at the conference championship.  It did not even look possible after losing two conference games.  But the ACC does not have a dominant team, and they don’t exactly have a doormat either.  Any team could beat another any week, it seems.  That leaves for a competitive race.
  • The Citizen Cane fantasy football squad has a tough game this week.  As of now, I am projected to win by one point.  We shall see.
  • My property taxes in Homestead have gone up considerably.  The state passes a doubling of the homestead exemption, and Homestead passed a tax increase because they know we are paying less.  That’s just lousy.
  • I really enjoyed service down in the Keys on Sunday.  I’m sorry I won’t get to be at the launch, but I will be there in a week from Sunday.  It’s not exactly the theater, but it is a blast.  It was cool hanging out after church and looking at the football scores.  See you in a week and a half!

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Monday Armchair Quarterback

Following the Canes disappointing loss the Criminoles on Saturday, I have downgraded my expectation for the Canes the rest of the year.  Starters Colin McCarthy LB and Eric Moncour DE will miss the rest of the season with injuries.  Does it really matter?  There isn’t a team left on the schedule that we cannot beat, and there aren’t very many teams on schedule that we cannot lose to either.  Recruiting cannot afford another finish the season without a trip to the post season.  The locals would forgive it once with the coaching transition, but twice??  Also, do you honestly think we would have lost to UNC or FSU this year in the OB?  I am sick about it.

At least the Dolphins did something right.  Ronnie is once again showing that he is the real dead.  They ran the single wing (or wildcat formation) yesterday 11 more times.  While it had more success against the Patriots, it was still very successful yesterday.  Ronnie is now leading the league in TD’s and the Dolphins are at .500 with wins over both teams in last years AFC finals.  Why is the wildcat so successful?  When a QB hands the ball to a RB, you lose a blocker, so it’s basically 10 vs 11.  When Ronnie is taking the snap directly, you have an extra blocker so it’s now 11 on 11, so that makes up any defensive perception that every play will be a run.  If I was a D Coordinator, and I saw Ronnie lined up at QB, I would send a run blitz every time.  Ronnie is also making great decisions at the helm, running powerfully, smoothly, and with great agility.  He is the real deal at RB.  Can he throw?  YUP.  This is going to be the surprise in the future of the wildcat formation, Ronnie is going to throw a few more passes.  The defense looked great with Porter and Roth constantly up in Rivers face.  The way these guys are playing, you could see them with a solid record at the end of the season.  Check out this article where the Chargers are saying that they were screwing up, and it wasn’t actually the Dolphins beating them as much as them beating themselves.

I had a great day in the LPC fantasy football, more on that tomorrow.  Not doing so great in the second chance LPC pickem, but I am leading in the pro football vegas style pickem.

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Splash of Thought

-There are no named tropical systems currently in the Atlantic and there are no systems that are expected to develop any time soon.

-Maybe I will actually get a chance to get out of the house this week or coming week to catch some lobsters. The problem is that the bugs may have sought shelter in deeper waters for the rest of the year due to the drop in pressure and nasty weather we have experienced over the past month or so.

-I still have my shutters up on my front windows. I better take them down this week or Marcela is going to get mad at me.

-Speaking of getting mad, I spilled a full glass of red kool aid on my living room carpet. I spent almost an hour trying to clean it but the best I could do was reach a shade of pinkish peach. 😦

-I am 1-0 in the Life Pointe fantasy football league, and my draft strategy is looking very strong. My team’s weakness is TE, Kicker, and team D. But I am very well positioned at QB (Rivers and Romo), WR (H Ward, TO, and now DeShawn Jackson), and RB (Adai, M Turner, Parker, Bush, and T Jones).

-The Dolphins so far look every bit as bad as they did last year, if not worse. Let’s see if they can turn things around. Zach and JT are sorely missed on D. Teams are walking up and down the field on us. Too many people got carried away with the decent preseason we had. It means nothing!

-I believe the Canes and Aggies are on ABC this weekend. Should be a tough but winable game for Miami.

-I hate car trouble. My truck’s temp was running high and the AC was not cooling. Turned out to be a simple radiator hose leak causing both problems. $150 later the car is fine.

-I’m looking forward with anticipation to my first Sunday at LPC of 3 services.

-I saw the movie “Righteous Kill” two nights ago. It was OK. I hate it when movies have a ton of potential, but the ending is either anti-climactic or unrealistic. There has to be a balance between the two.


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Pure Thoughts

  • Football season is upon us. It’s the only sport that really gets my blood flowing. Other sports are fun and fill the gap between off season, but football is the one I really love. The Dolphins and the Canes look much improved over last year.
  • Politics are also upon us, also. It is no secret (and many who read here may disagree with me) that I am a conservative. I have strong opinions on the right to life, individual freedom and responsibility, RTKBA, the economy, and taxes. So far, the most significant political decision I have ever witnessed in American politics was McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin for Vice Presidential running mate.
  • Governor Palin is a committed Christian, a mother of 5, a true pro life idealist who practices what she preaches. She has been attacked since the first day she was selected. So far, her family has been attacked, feminists and leftists have attacked her ability to parent, she has had her Christianity questioned, her experience and ability has been attacked, and her “lipstick on a pit bull” joke has been turned around to lipstick on a pig by several Democrats including Barack Obama. One prominent state Democrat chairperson stated that her primary qualification was that she did not have an abortion. The attacks have been vicious and brutal. Through all of that, McCain went from a 6 point deficit in the opinion polls to a 5 point lead. The mud slinging has back fired, and McCain comes out looking like a genius for this pick.
  • I have posted before that I support McCain/Palin for several reasons:
  1. The Economy: We do not need to raise taxes on anyone, especially the upper class and business owners who already carry the largest portion of the tax burned in this country. Our progressive tax code borders on socialist redistribution of wealth.
  2. The Courts: 2 or more SCOTUS Justices will retire in the next 4 years. McCain has promised to appoint strict constructionists to the courts, not judges who will make up the law and state that the Constitution is a living breathing document. That has implications for Roe v Wade (a horrible decision), RTKBA, freedom of speech, property rights, and separation of church and state (the freedom to worship). Right now the court sits at 4 constructionists and 5 “living document” justices, one of which is a moderate swing judge. Of the 3 most likely to retire in the next 4 years, they are 3 of the 4 most radical left wing judges on the bench. One judge could change this nation for the better.
  3. Security: We need a president who can make a decision and live with it. I trust McCain to protect this country from the many enemies in this world who want the US to fail and would love to attack us. Obama has not made real decisions in his lifetime, and that’s probably a good thing. His view of the world is that we should sit down with our enemies and chat. I want a president who is able to sit and talk when appropriate, but has the guts and experience to stand up our enemies. McCain is that man.
  • With all of the above in mind, both campaigns are avoiding one of America’s biggest concerns. What is going on with Social Security and Medicare? These entitlement programs have become monsters, not only of obligation to the promises made to those who have paid in and deserve to be treated with respect, but also streams of revenue for the government. Estimates (that have been pretty accurate) are that by 2017, the system will not be bringing in enough money to pay obligations. The money that is being robbed out of the account to pay our minimum bills will be less that we need another 20 years later. Therefore, we will have to raise the caps, reduce benefits, raise the benefit age, raise taxes, or some such thing, just to keep the system afloat for a few more years. This does not even address how to fix the problem. This is only a stop gap. To the Republicans, this is an issue that is scary to touch. It is used as a political weapon to attack anyone who wants to change it. To the Democrats (who ignorantly say the system is solid), it is a goose laying their golden eggs (votes). Yet, to this point, nobody is talking about it in this election. I guess we are just going to pass the buck along to each president until it is a full scale crisis and let him or her take the blame.
  • As I see it, the only president that tried to present a solution was George W Bush who was burned on his privatized system (which would work). After he was burned, instead of going back to the drawing board he did the opposite. He added to the bloat. The prescription drug benefit just made the system bigger and more untouchable. This has been a failure, not a success for this administration.
  • 7 years ago today, our nation was attacked ruthlessly and without provocation. Thousands of innocent American citizens perished in those attacks. Included in those who perished were fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, businessmen, firemen, police officers, military personnel, great financial minds, simple janitors, hard working men and women, and concerned American citizens trying to save others. We should honor them this anniversary. We should not forget their sacrifice. We should never take for granted that we have not been attacked on our soil in 7 years. The next time you see a man or woman in uniform, whether they are firefighters, police, or military, take the time to say thank you. I know they would appreciate it. It may seem corny to you, but I have seen the look in the eye of a man and woman in uniform who have been greeted by a complete stranger and thanked for the job they do in keeping our nation free, and they really appreciated it.
  • We will never forget.

    We will never forget.

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Thought Shells

-My mind has been on fishing for weeks now. With lobster season officially kicking off yesterday, I’m dreaming even more.
-I found a good spot to catch lobster. Friday night I am going to grab a few, and Saturday or Sunday, I will get a few more.
-Football season is approaching. Available Saturdays will be spent watching the Canes whoop up on their opposition.
-There is some optimism that the Canes are moving in the right direction with Shannon at the helm. I believe the Canes will be bowl bound this season.
-Who would have thought that a Canes fan would be setting his sights on making a bowl game? We are supposed to compete for National Championships, not just bowl games and conference titles.
-I still haven’t decided if I am going to be able to get season tickets this year. I should. It has been about 3 or 4 years since I’ve been a season ticket holder.
-My low carb trend has been good. It has pushed me into a new realm of BBQ skills. Last night I smoked some chicken and grilled churrasco. Excellent!
-I am having some weird swelling and itching on the side of my face and the knuckles of my fingertips. It might be some type of allergic reaction or mosquito bites.
-Once again, I cannot wait to be at church this Sunday. Jesse and the crew are going to rock the house!
-I have to say, blog traffic has been steadily increasing over the past few weeks. August 1, I actually set a record and it nearly doubled my old record.
-Blogging has been a pretty fun adventure. Trav has been trying to get me started for several years. I am glad I listened.
-I spent yesterday at Marcela’s classroom while she set up her bulletin boards, desks, folders, etc, for school which starts next week.


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CWS: The U is headed to Omaha

In case you haven’t seen or heard, the Canes are heading to Omaha for the College World Series for the 11th time out of 15 years. Behind some great defense and some good timely pitching, the Canes 3 runs in the top of the 1st inning were enough to win 4-2 in Game 3 of the Super Regionals against Arizona despite Arizona loading up the bases in the 8th.

After stranding a ton of guys and blowing game 1 to a very scrappy Arizona squad in 11 innings, the Canes came from 4 down in game 2 by hitting the cover off of the ball.

Who would have expected the Canes to win a game against Arizona 4-2? I think that 14-12 would have been a more likely score with Miami’s big hitters. Victor had tickets, and I think he was there. Maybe he can chime in with his report from the stands.

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The Streak at the U

Hurricane fans can sit back, take a deep breath and relax now. The University of Miami, aka NFL U, aka “The U” is notorious for it’s pipeline to the NFL. UM has the most players selected in the first round of a single year (6), the most first round selections in a 2 year period (11), and the most first round selections in a 3 year period (15). Since 1994 at least one player from the University of Miami has been selected in the first round of the NFL free agent draft. The streak now stands at 14 years with the selection of Kenny Phillips by the New York Giants.

They are called quarterback U, linebacker U, wide receiver U, running back U, tight end U, and so on because of the dominance of Miami at each of these positions over the past 25 years. It just became easier with that big orange and green U on the helmet to call Miami “The U”. Is there any question why they are called NFL U?


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Miami Hurricanes over St. Mary’s College 78-64

UPDATE: Miami wins!
UM 78 SMC 64

The expectations were low for the Canes this year. They were picked by almost anyone in the know to finish dead last in the conference. Instead, Miami turned out a good year with some solid out of conference wins against 8 seeded Miss St of the SEC, and NIT tourney VCU. The Canes first loss of the season came at game 13 making them one of the last 5 teams to lose a game. They hit a rough patch early in conference play, but turned out quality wins against VT (NCAA Tourney Snub), Clemson (#5 seed in the west), and Duke (#2 seed in the west). They dropped a couple games they should have won, which would have really made a difference in their tourney position. In any case, they should be able to handle the first round game over SMC to advance to the second round. It’s not likely they will get past a tough Texas team in round two, but it would still be considered a successful season. Success in sports is usually determined by expectations. Expectations that are met or exceeded = success. Miami has definitely exceeded everyone’s expectations this year regardless of what happens from here out.


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