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Friday Bottom 3: The Hatchback

These were some of the worst cars ever mass produced and available for US consumption.  They were ugly and they were just bad cars.

Honorable Mention:

Ford Pinto – My mom and dad owned one of these gems when I was a little guy. I still remember that old fella. I wonder what junkyard it is in at this point.

Chevy Chevette – I guess Chevrolet wanted to get in on the embarrassment too!

#3 AMC Pacer – The Pacer was bigger, heavier, and almost as ugly as the #1 on my list.

#2 Yugo – Ugly, unreliable, unsafe, cheaper than a matchbox car, more cheaply made than a soapbox car, but it sure was super gas efficient.

#1 AMC Gremlin – The name alone makes me wonder what AMC was thinking when they produced and marketed this nasty little car.

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Friday Bottom 3: Things I Hate to Have to Do

There are a few necessary evils, things I just can’t stand doing ever so often. Grocery shopping, filling the car with gas, and going down to the bank while a pain come nowhere near the following frustrations.

#3 Setting up utilities or making an adjustment to utilities. I hate going down to the City’s public utility office. It smells, it’s dirty, sometimes crowded, and most of the time I walk out feeling like I just applied for some type of government assistance.

#2 License/tag/insurance. Well, almost anything having to do with a legal requirement to operate a motor vehicle on the public roads are bigtime frustrations. I have reduced much of it to online transactions, but occasionally I still have to go to the DL agency or AllState. Ugh! I guess I could easily throw car maintenance in there too. Who likes to go to the shop to get an oil change? I have a friend who is going to help me learn to do my own oil changes and spark plugs and such. That should save a little bit of money, and probably some time too!

#1 Filing taxes. This is the most frustrating event of all. I know a lot of it is due to my own lack of preparation in advance. In any case, even if I was prepared, I would still be frustrated with all the forms and seeing how much money has come out of my own pocket to fund our bloated government. I need to be prepared and just pay someone to do it for me.

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Saturday Top 5: Classic Muscle Cars

While I admit that I am a complete novice (if even that) when it comes to cars, even with my limited understanding I do have my preferences. I had to pull a little research and gather a few opinions, but this list is still my own.

Honorable mention:
1968 Plymouth Road Runner
1969 Dodge Charger
1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1
1966 Chevrolet Chevelle

5. 1971 Plymouth Hemi ‘Cuda. This car defines the genre: beefy, powerful, made for street racing without any mods. I would to feel the rush of being pinned to the seat while the pedal is pegged to the floor. Just don’t let Ralph Nader near this car or someone could get hurt.

4. 1967 Corvette. This is a seriously hot little muscle car. Some might say that this does not qualify technically as a muscle car due to its size, but others would say that it does fall in that group. The visual appeal to me is right there with the greatest cars of all time. I can only imagine what it would be like driving down the strip and completely eliminating the possibility of anonymity.

3. 1967 Shelby GT. Power! This car could blow anything off the road during its time, and even in years to come. You can be sure that this was not a gas efficient vehicle. But then again, none of the cars on my list are going to be mistaken for a Toyota Prius.

2. 1969 Camaro. Smokin! This had a great combination of beautiful lines, street appeal, and the muscle needed to compete with the other greats.

1. 1969 Mustang Boss 429. In my humble opinion, the 69 Boss 429 exceeds all others in this genre of cars. Serious power, acceleration, very appealing to the eye, and a current pricetag at the auctions that would break Donald Trump.


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