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Saturday Top 5: Chocolate!

It’s one of the most delicious substances on the face of the earth, and it’s something I haven’t tasted in a long time. It’s chocolate! These are my top 5 ways to enjoy delicious chocolate.

Honorable Mention:
Chocolate Chip Cookie. Who could say no to a freshly baked warm and gooey chocolate chip cookie with a glass of cold milk?

The Top 5…

#5 Chocolate dipped strawberries. I prefer them dark red and slightly chilled with a thick chocolate shell.

#4 Chocolate Cream Pie. This is slightly less “chocolaty” and a bit sweeter than some of the other selections on this list. It’s perfect with a cup of hot coffee.

#3 Chocolate Milk/Milkshake. Since they are both beverages I decided to list them together, but I prefer a thick chocolate milkshake or malt. I haven’t had a chocolate milkshake since before the Summer.

#2 Brownies. One of the best treats ever is a warm homemade brownie with walnuts. You can dip it in milk or put a scoop of ice cream on top for good measure. The smell of brownies baking can fill a house from front to back and is very pleasant. The smell is one of those Christmas smells that takes you back to those days when family would gather to celebrate the holidays.

#1 Hot Fudge Cake (click the link for a picture). I would rate this treat as one of the all time greatest deserts. It’s two pieces of warm chocolate cake with cold vanilla ice cream sandwiched in between. You pour rich and thick hot fudge over it, top it with whipped cream and a cherry. This will explode your pancreas, but it’s probably worth it. It’s also worth trying to find a Shoney’s and driving out of your way to have it. There are numerous copycat recipes online that you can try, and there are restaurants that serve something similar, but the Shoney’s version is the best. For something similar, go to Chili’s and order their Molten Chocolate Cake. It’s a cake that has a runny fudge center with ice cream and a chocolate shell on top.


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Sunday Life Pointe Talk Soup: Mother’s Day Edition

By Marcela Johnson

Well Phil is confined to his duties at Turkey Point again so it has fallen to his better half to keep his blog going. So, here it goes…

Today’s service rocked! Life Pointe really knows how to celebrate. Both services were full of enthusiastic people joining us in honoring women.

The lobby was decorated with roses in honor of “Momma’s Day”…  and there’s no other way to a woman’s heart (besides God of course) but through chocolate… and there was plenty of it! Women who attended Life Pointe today were greeted with chocolate fountains where they could dip strawberries, bananas, apples, oranges, marshmallows, and other yummy treats. The cafe section was equally appealing with a variety of bagels and different flavors of cream cheese in addition to Ruby Red grapefruit juice and the traditional Starbuck’s coffee. In addition, all women were serenaded with a live band in the lobby. What a day!

Bill and his band “The Messengers” did a great job leading in today’s service with the following songs:

1) It’s All For You- was upbeat and got the crowd going.
2) Psalm 1:15- was catchy and people were bopping to the beat.
3) Grace Like Rain- was sentimental but turned rock-ish.
4) Forever- was very lively and got people moving.
5) Word of God- was a slow tempo song, people were worshipping in the spirit as they sang.

The biggest shocker of all today was Pastor Travis. He wowed the ladies by dressing up all “spiffy” in a gray suit and tie. What a treat!

The message to today’s service was “Whose Side Is God On Anyway?” which continues with the Fortune Cookie series. Basically the idea is that God is on our side if we allow Him to come into our lives and take over. Even if we don’t accept His salvation, God is always calling us to Him. If we are ashamed of God now, He will be ashamed of us in Heaven. So, don’t tick off “the guy upstairs”… He is trying to help! 🙂

After service, the ladies were spoiled further with a gift from Life Pointe: either a mug with kisses or a book with a sachet of chocolate. Ode to all mothers… IT’S YOUR DAY!

For another perspective on Sunday morning at Life Pointe, be sure to try some Salad.


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