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Thursday Thoughtful Thursday

-The holiday season is upon us. Just like our presidential election season, it’s starting earlier each year and last longer and longer.
-All the decorations are out at the stores, 93.9 FM is now playing Christmas music 24 hours a day, my wife is wrapping presents, and Uncle Sam (Santa Clause) is handing out wads of money to Amex, Morgan Stanley, and AIG.
-I haven’t decided whether I am having a live tree this year or if we will just break out the artificial tree.
-Saturday night, Marcela, my mom, dad, and I will be heading up to Miami for a bigtime Christmas treat. We are going to see Mannheim Steamroller in concert! I love it. I am sure most everyone has heard them before, even if they didn’t know it. If you’ve never had the pleasure of listening to them, you have to give it a try. Their Christmas albums are the standard by which all modern electronic techno medieval classical Christmas music is measured.
-Last year, we saw Trans Siberian Orchestra at the Bank Atlantic Center and that was a blast. They are the standard by which all 80’s hair band anthem stadium rock classical orchestral Christmas music is measured.
-Yesterday was open range for me, meaning I had 4 hours of gun range time. I ran roughly 300 rounds of Federal Premium Hydra Shok through my new olive green Glock 19. That’s nearly $200 worth of ammo just for target practice, and it cost me nothing.
-I also put 12 or so rounds of 00 Buckshot in a 2 1/2 inch cartridge through my Mossberg. Everything was fine until a friend broke out some slugs in a 3 1/2 inch magnum cartridge and convinced me to give it a try. My wrist and hand are still swollen from that one.
-Max was so full of energy yesterday when I let him out. He took off running in the field as fast as he could in a giant circle. We played fetch with a mini tennis ball and he’s getting pretty good at it.
-I figure that if anyone comes in the house unannounced and unwelcome, Max is going to take care of business. What a tough 4 lbs watchdog he is. 😉
-I have an incredibly tough game this week against Fuzzy’s Deadskins. He’s tied with me for the second best record. Whoever wins this game will solidify their playoff chances. Playoff seeding could be determined by this game too.
-I’m really looking forward to church this weekend. I will be at practice tonight, service Sunday morning in Homestead, and Sunday night in Plantation Key.
-If all goes as planned, I may have a job in the next few short months that allows for me to be at church every weekend instead of every other weekend. Pray for that job to come through.
-One last quick though. The Canes have a big game tonight against the Virginia Tech Hokies. The Hokies typically grind it out on the ground, run the option, play tough defense, and score with their special teams. If Miami plays to their abilities and avoids turnovers and big plays from VT’s offense and special teams, we should win handily.


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Sunday Life Pointe Talk Soup

-Time changing stinks, even when we get a free hour. I prefer that these knuckleheads would pick a time and stick with it. Heart attacks leading up to the Fall time change and directly after the Spring time change are much more probable statistically.

-This morning I made it to the church around 7:10 AM, and Chris Day, my mom, and Tom Little were outside unloading the car with the coffee and food items. Those three are some of the hardest working and most durable parts of the Sunday morning experience for set up and hospitality.

-In Pier 2, Zech was tweaking the sound and production set up. He told me he was only given less than an hour the previous night, but was able to get everything accomplished.

-In the service, we went back a few years to do some old school praise and worship a little bit on the rock side. Jesse was on rhythm guitar and lead vocals, Julie on background vox, Josiah on lead guitar, Alex was on the drums, and I played the bass and sang back up vox.

-We sang “Friend of God”, “I Could Sing of Your Love”, U2’s “All I Want Is You”, and for communion “God of Wonders”. In all three services, the music was rocking in a big way. From a technical standpoint, there was nothing better or worse from any of the 3 services except a slow start to “Friend of God”.

-After the 3rd service, Alex jumped on the guitar, Jesse was on the bass, and I played the drums as we played “Better Days”, then we did musical chairs and Jesse grabbed the drums. We jammed to “Break On Through” (Doors), Marley’s “Redemption Song”, some jazzy riff with no name, and then Jesse gave a killer drum solo. Cool stuff!

-We closed out “The Art of War” today. For more on those details, be sure to check out the regular blog crew: Chris Day, Pastor Trav, Jesse, Ritz, and Kelly.

-Overall, it was an awesome day albeit tiring.

-I am in the car with my brother Trav, as we head to Plantation Key for the 4th Life Pointe service of the day. We are stopping at starbucks for some coffee. I reserve the right to amend my blog to include those details.


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Sunday Life Pointe Talk Soup

  • What a great day at the theater!  Life Pointe rocked this morning.
  • The band really gelled, although there were a few issues in the 8:30 AM and 9:45 AM.  The 11:00 service came together the best.
  • Jesse was on the guitar and sang lead, Luis was on the keys and sang back up, Mike B was on the drums, I played the bass guitar, and Zech’s brother played lead on the electric guitar.  Reina, Julie, and Nyrian sang back up vocals, but Reina led one of the songs.  I look forward to Billy Barue returning from hiatus.
  • The song list today was outstanding.  I liked the rock influence!  We sang “Holy Is the Lord” with total funk rock twist, “Better Days”, “Hosanna” led by Reina, and the “New Doxology”.  The Doxology was driving yet very worshipful.  Hosanna was beautifully soulful and moving.
  • Pastor Trav‘s Art of War series continued as he spoke on rest and work.  He stated that you cannot truly enjoy leisure if you do not work, and you cannot enjoy your the fruit of your work without leisure.
  • The next two messages in the series will be “Deeply Invade Enemy Territory” on October 26 and then “Divide and Conquer” on November 2.

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Sunday Life Pointe Talk Soup

This will be a quick report today.

This morning, Sun Tzu’s Art of War provided the context of the message.  The intro video was so well produced.  The little secret is that Ritz Crackah provided the voice over.  Excellet work, Ritz.

The music was killer this morning.  Alex was on the drums, Zech’s brother on the lead guitar, I played bass, Jesse led from the accoustic guitar.  It was a rock and roll Sunday morning!  We started with Switchfoot’s Dare You to Move, then Friend of God totally rock/grunge style.  Next, Salvation is Here, then for communion Mike led Everything.  It was incredible.  Other than a couple of hiccups in the first service, everything went very smoothly.

The message spoke about alliances and Trav gave a nice little story about our childhood, even though he embellished a bit.  It was still funny.  The alliances you make determine your direction.  We are not to be unequally yoked.

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Sunday Life Pointe Talk Soup: Atom Splitter Edition

Thanks once again to Ol’ Atom Splitter for writing the this week’s Talk Soup.  Considering the big news that was going to be announced this morning, I am happy that someone was there to witness and report!

A Closed Window Morphs Into An Open Door

Here’s the Ol’ Atom-Splitter talkin’ atcha again, pinch-hittin’ for Our Man Flint, who’s doing his duty to God and Country at Turkey Point Nuclear Power Station.

Music had its usual throbbing, powerful and voluminous punch today in all three services. We worshipped The Almighty to the tunes of “Always Greater”, “Better Days” and “I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever” and partook of Communion with the worshipful and moving, “Mighty To Save”. Beautiful!

Paul announced that this week is the last week to bid on the UM football memorabilium helmet, signed by the all-pro NFL great, Ray Lewis. You have heard of Blood Diamonds? Our auction is to benefit Blood Water. Submit a bid, possibly the winning one, and further that relief effort in Somalia to help innocent, oppressed civilians, victimized by the denial of access to water, an act of warfare.

Today, Life-Pointe received astounding news: we have been given another location–a beautiful church building and an adjacent residence, ready to go in the Islamorada area. The facilities offer many opportunities and is in fine shape, at an excellent location and debt-free. Trav had been looking and making offers for places that never materialized for one reason or another. Then, suddenly, this door opened up for Life-Pointe to expand into the Keys. It has been often repeated that when God closes a door, He will open a window, but that aphorism was turned around. He kept closing the windows because He had a great BIG DOOR for Life-Pointe to enter. It is an exciting day for Life-Pointers, indeed.

This announcement meshed so perfectly with Chapter 3 of Habakkuk, the final installment, Climbing Out Of The Dip, of this amazing ‘minor’ prophet book series. The three major points of our pastors’ message go thusly: 1) Remember what God has done, 2) Accept what God is doing and 3) Trust what God will do. Habakkuk Chapter 3 includes the verse, referenced by the Apostle Paul about eight centuries later, “the just shall live by their faith.” That small yet powerful sentence became a foundational theological principle of the New Testament—“Justification by Faith”. Our living, our confidence in the future, and actually our Time and Eternal Destiny is made a surety by that little verse in Habakkuk 3.

As they say in Germany , “Spater”.

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Sunday Life Pointe Talk Soup

Good afternoon evening friends.  This morning was a great time at the theater with my fellow Life Pointe friends and family.  This was my first morning to experience three services in the morning other than Easter this year.  I had a great time as I hope you did too (if you came).  If you didn’t make it out to be with us, I will look for you next time.

The set up was in full swing when I entered the theater at 7:30ish.  Mike B greeted me at the back door of pier 2 after a couple of raps on the door.  The worship team was a little light this week with Bill out of town and Reina home taking care of their little one who has been sick.

A few tech difficulties interfered with our start and made things a little bumpy early on.  But everyone sang along and worshiped the Lord, because He is our audience.  The other two services were very smooth without any technical incidents.

The music was a lot of fun today.  Jesse was on the guitar with the lead vocals, Mike B was on the drums and sang back up, I sang back up and played the bass, and Julie sang back up vocals as well.  We sang “Your Love is Amazing”, “Your Grace is Enough”, and “Holy is the Lord”.  It was a great time of singing and worship.

For our regular announcement video, Jesse pulled a fast one on everybody.  Halfway through the video, he raised his hand and said “I am here”.  Turns out he was sitting in the theater with his camera on and projecting himself giving the announcements live.  It was a great touch and very innovative.  I think he fooled everybody except those sitting right beside him.  Good job!

For a different perspective on the service this morning and the message (on Habakkuk), be sure to visit:

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Life Pointe Church Sunday Morning Tossed Salad by Chris Day

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Splash of Thought

-There are no named tropical systems currently in the Atlantic and there are no systems that are expected to develop any time soon.

-Maybe I will actually get a chance to get out of the house this week or coming week to catch some lobsters. The problem is that the bugs may have sought shelter in deeper waters for the rest of the year due to the drop in pressure and nasty weather we have experienced over the past month or so.

-I still have my shutters up on my front windows. I better take them down this week or Marcela is going to get mad at me.

-Speaking of getting mad, I spilled a full glass of red kool aid on my living room carpet. I spent almost an hour trying to clean it but the best I could do was reach a shade of pinkish peach. 😦

-I am 1-0 in the Life Pointe fantasy football league, and my draft strategy is looking very strong. My team’s weakness is TE, Kicker, and team D. But I am very well positioned at QB (Rivers and Romo), WR (H Ward, TO, and now DeShawn Jackson), and RB (Adai, M Turner, Parker, Bush, and T Jones).

-The Dolphins so far look every bit as bad as they did last year, if not worse. Let’s see if they can turn things around. Zach and JT are sorely missed on D. Teams are walking up and down the field on us. Too many people got carried away with the decent preseason we had. It means nothing!

-I believe the Canes and Aggies are on ABC this weekend. Should be a tough but winable game for Miami.

-I hate car trouble. My truck’s temp was running high and the AC was not cooling. Turned out to be a simple radiator hose leak causing both problems. $150 later the car is fine.

-I’m looking forward with anticipation to my first Sunday at LPC of 3 services.

-I saw the movie “Righteous Kill” two nights ago. It was OK. I hate it when movies have a ton of potential, but the ending is either anti-climactic or unrealistic. There has to be a balance between the two.


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Life Pointe Fantasy Football Report

Here are the winners and losers in the first week of fantasy football…

Pastor Trav’s “TJ’s BIGG DOGGS were annihilated by Jesse’s “Fuser Heads” 115-71.  Uncharacteristically, Pastor Trav started a player whose game was canceled by Hurricane Ike.  It didn’t make enough of a difference since 3 of Jesse’s players (Portis, Brandon Marshall, and Brian Westbrook) equalled TJ’s BIGG DOGGS entire starting roster.  Big start for the novice, Fuser Heads.

My “Citizen Cane” squad had to make a comeback against the upstart “Puttin on the Ritz” squad of Ritz Crackah.  Thanks to Tony Romo and Terrel Owens who hooked up for two TD passes early, that was all I needed to make up the 8 point deficit going into the game.  Even one of the TD’s for Ritz’s Marion Barber was offset by the fact that Romo threw it to him.  Good try Ritz, but you have a lot to learn young man.  Final Score 91-81.

Brother Oral Beason’s “bachrach” came up short against Paul Hollified’s “Skins” 75-71 in the only battle of two fantasy football veterans.  Thanks to Kurt Warner’s performance against the pathetic Dolphins, Paul eeked out the win in the low scoring affair.  Congrats Paul!

The game of the week featured 2 of the 3 highest scoring teams.  Mark’s “Fuzzy’s Dead Heads” outlasted Zech’s “Turkey Buzzards 122-116.  14 points from the Dallas Kicker and 18 points from the NY Giants’ defense made the scoring across the board for the Dead Heads very even… except for the one player that didn’t even see the field. That’s right!  Andre Johnson, whose game was postponed due to Ike was in Fuzzy’s starting line up.  He would have had even more with a player in the starting lineup that actually played.

In pro pickem, I finished the week with 6 correct picks out of 13 with one push and one postponed game.  There were several games that late plays changed my fate.  Dallas could not quite put enough points on the board to make the 7 point spread, so I lost that one too.  Overall, I lead the pickem league with Paul one point back and Pastor Trav 3 points back.

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Sunday Life Pointe Talk Soup (late edition)

Thanks to Ol’ Atom Splitter for filling in this week!

By Ol’ Atom Splitter

Postal Power

It was evident that a mail-out went to the community in the last few days. People were bringing their cards with them as if to verify that this is the church that “piques my interest/curiosity with these messages I get in my mail box.” They readily produce their card when asked how they found out about Life-Pointe, as if it were a pass, an authorization, a justification for being there. It is so cool and so wonderful to see them return, not out of curiosity, but rather just because they want to.
Life-Pointe’s Musical Expression
The musical gang was in full complement today, except for Our Man Flint out at Turkey Point whom the President has commissioned to protect South Florida and perhaps the entire USA from terrorists, Kamikazes and assorted other bad guys. Though we missed him on the bass, his spot was filled expertly by the musician/blogger, Bill Finch, and the music was uplifting. I always love, “Let The Redeemed Say So”. I observed many others today responding to its powerful lyrical and spiritual qualities. “More Than Enough” and “Salvation Is Here” also drew us into His Presence.
Habakkuk, the Complainer
Travis broached the issue of the dip in the main message portion of the service today. I know it by different names according to the issues at hand–in real estate, buyer’s remorse–at work, battle fatigue–in relationships, the first argument that tests a new friendship. In the book of Habakkuk the dip was that the prophet was complaining to God about the prosperity of the wicked and the suffering of the good. Habakkuk’s dilemma was a fresh reminder to seasoned veterans of the Cross and a “heads-up” to new believers about disillusionment on their journey with the Lord. “Stuff” sometimes happens to the good and good fortune sometimes happens to the wicked.
Thus Habakkuk’s burden, his utterance, his oracle is actually a complaint to God. Strange, eh? Is it possible or logical that God can inspire someone to question the ways of the Almighty? That’s where the dip shows up on the power point graph. Is it okay to question God? To ask Him, “Since You are Omniscient and Omnipotent, why don’t you do something about these injustices?” Is it unspiritual or faithless or–egad–sinful? I guess if a prophet did it under the Anointing, it must not be so unusual or unspiritual or bad for us average believers to think that way now and again.
For me the big takeaway in today’s message is this: faith itself is only necessary because there has been doubt about an issue. We need not exert faith about issues for which there is absolute certainty. It was a great message. It makes me want to hear the rest of the story that you know is coming in this series on Habakkuk.

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Sunday at Turkey Point

There are a few puffy white clouds floating across a mostly blue sky. I am sitting by the edge of Biscayne Bay and I can look right across to see the City of Miami skyline. It would be a great day to be out on the water fishing or diving. Most of all I would like to be at church for the kick off of our 3 services. The new message series looks very interesting as well. I love the promo video. Ol’ Atom Splitter will be guest writing the talk soup today. I look forward to that. Though I have to work today, I thank God that he has for His provision.


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