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Max Factor

Christmas day is almost here so Marcela and I wanted to get a Christmas picture of jolly ole St. Max for the blog today, especially for Ela. Marcela had a little flashing hat. The funny thing is that he didn’t even try to take the hat off.

Aside: The pictures are taken with my new Curve, which for some reason takes better pictures than the old one.

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The Max Factor

Every time I post a picture or a new video of Maximus minimus, you can see his puppiness disappearing and his dogginess growing.  In the video, Max had been fetching for about 20 minutes, so I ran in to get a camera.  By the time I got out, all he wanted to do was chill out in the shade.  It was sunny and a little warm.  Maltese don’t look so cute and cuddly when they are muddy.

Here are a couple of pictures to show how much the little guy is growing.

Max in Motion

Max in Motion

Maximus Minimus

Maximus Minimus

Max the Maltese poser.

Max the Maltese poser.

Max's Power Nap

Max's Power Nap


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Free Association Friday

Cat – aloof, detached, independent, allergies, pet, mean, spooky, hunter, kitten, cute, meow, mouser, stubborn, scratch, feline, girly, feminine, Halloween, superstition, hair ball, purr, clean, moan, litter box, prowl, pounce.

Dog – man’s best friend, bark, puppy, funny, loyal, attached, happy, howl, growl, wag, tricks, tracking, police, messy, house break, stray, mange, yap, masculine, watchful, guardian, pet.

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Maximus of Malta

There was a request for pictures of Max.  Though he is Marcela’s dog, I have to admit that I like the little guy.  He’s not going to be big enough to really protect Marcela, unless she’s attacked by a mouse, but he likes to play and lay on you and sleep.  That’s good enough.


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