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The EIB Award

What a great week of blogging. The winner of the Excellence in Blogging award came from a healthy list of good material to from which to choose.

The runners up:
In an unprecedented moment, Billy has two blogs that made the list of potential EIB winning posts: first he talks about voting and a lesson to his daughter in civics; Secondly he discusses a better interview process so we can know who we are voting into the presidency.

The winner:
Chris Day gives a look at what a blog should be, a narrative of events, thoughts, and ideas. Congrats!

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The EIB Award

The Excellence In Blogging award goes to…


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Friday EIB Award

This week we had another close race for the EIB Award for Excellence In Blogging.  The runner up posted a very strong blog and deserves much respect.

Chris Day’s economic models explained with cows.

The winner of the EIB cheated, but here it is…

Kelly posts Blake praying for Uncle Phil.

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The EIB Award

This week’s EIB award for Excellence In Blogging has to go to one man.  This post summarizes the week and this season.  But first, a couple posts that were so close!

Jesse’s getting the word out, there are 3 services, cafe con leche for early birds, and wear your chucks!  I love the pics too.

Rebecca lets us in on how God is moving on campus.

The winner of the EIB award goes to…

Billy Finch for his on target assessment of this year’s hurricane season!


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The EIB Award

This week’s winner of the EIB award for excellence in blogging knocked it out of the park. The entry contained some nostalgia, pictures, and a look ahead at what might be! But first, it was a close week and I have to give credit for the runner up.

Jesse gives us a glimpse at his fine acting skills in a new motion picture with some still shots of his starring role as a grocery store floor man. Just in case you can’t quite make his face, he tagged them.

And the winner is…
Kelly’s Yikes Ike blog. It has a little of everything. Some cuteness from Kourtney, Julie, and Sara, a nostalgic look back at a past hurricane with Manny and his fam teamed up with Trav and his fam to make it through the times without electricity, and a look ahead at the projected path of Ike (that we don’t like).

Congrats Kelly!


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Friday EIB Award!

The award for Excellence in Blogging goes to…..

well first, let me say that Kelly came in a close second.  I loved her pictures this week.  She is very talented, and her subject was cute as a button.

…..Billy Barue knocks it out of the park with his comparison of Barack and John.  Congrats Bill!  Keep up the good work.


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The EIB Award

This week’s recipient of the EIB award for Excellence in Blogging is The Major for his post in remembrance of his pets Fluffy and Barney.  Pictures are included.  I am not a big cat person.  But I was reminiscing of my best dog this week, so I have a soft spot for his post… even though it’s about cats.

Also worthy of mention is Jesse’s “Life With the Santoyos” post.  I love the FL Keys, so it was hard to pass this one up.

Congrats Chris!

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