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iPhone vs BlackBerry

Note to reader: this is not a totally unbiased review. I own one of the two contestants in this matchup, so I guess you could say the fight is fixed.

Blackberry Curve has an external keyboard, iPhone’s keyboard is part of the touch screen display. One-handed texting is very easy and accurate for the Curve. Advantage Curve.

iPhone has built in channels for email, internet, youtube, music, etc, right on the main menu. Advantage iPhone.

Curve has a mouse ball for navigation while iPhone has a fancy touch screen. Advantage iPhone.

Curve integrated email arrives instantaneously while iPhone email is sync’d every 15 minutes. Otherwise you have to go and retrieve iPhone email, even if it is integrated. Big advantage to the curve for those who like to stay in touch with email.

Curve battery is removable while iPhone is not. If the iPhone battery goes out, the phone must be sent in for repair. Big advantage Curve.

Curve battery life is 9+ hours talk time, while the iPhone is around 4 1/2 hours. Huge advantage Curve. I use my Curve constantly throughout the 12 hour work day surfing the internet, blogging, posting on message boards, and emailing, yet I rarely run out of battery within one work day. Sometimes I can go two days without touching a charger. I use my phone almost perpetually.

iPhone display is large and bright, and automatically rotates to portrait or landscape depending on how you hold it. Curve display is bright, but is only available in one direction, portrait. Advantage iPhone.

Curve display automatically dims and brightens based on light it senses. This is a great battery saving function and also viewability function. I am not aware if the iPhone has that feature. Advantage Curve/unknown.

The iPhone must be sync’d up with iTunes to add music or video while the micro sd memory card on the curve can receive music from any computer with either a card reader or USB connection. Advantage Curve.

The Curve operates on BlackBerry’s OS which is considered to be the most stable and secure device available. Regardless of the iPhone’s OS, the advantage will go to the Curve.

The Curve operates the BlackBerry Messenger and PIN messages for unlimited text and file transfers. I believe the iPhone can take the yahoo, aim, or msn messenger software for free. If you want those messenger programs on the curve, it costs about $20 for the Jive Talk application. I would consider this to be advantage to neither.

As for the camera, the Curve features a 2.1 mpx camera that does not capture video. The iPhone camera I believe is about the same and also does not capture video. Advantage neither.

The Curve features real GPS with free yahooGo or google maps software, or you can purchase the telenav service for $10/month so your phone will talk to you. The iPhone does not have true GPS, but uses towers to triangulate an approximate position with half of a mile. Big advantage Curve.

The iPhone can access the full YouTube site along with several other multi media and java functions. The curve cannot even use the YouTube mobile site, so you are stuck using blueapple.mobi to search out videos, download them, and then watch them. Big advantage iPhone.

The Curve stays cooler to handle for long conversations or data transfer, most likely due to the battery efficiency. I much prefer a cool phone over a hot phone, therefore big advantage Curve.

All-in-all, the Curve is a much better phone for me since I like to use the keyboard features, integrated email, messaging, and battery life feature so much. When the 3G Curve is launched, I am really going to love the additional internet speed. Hopefully, the next iteration will also be able to capture video and receive streaming media content. The Curve comes with a complementary holster that puts the phone automatically into standby holstered. With rebates and specials, the Curve is also quite a bit cheaper up front as well. The drawback is having to pay for the BlackBerry plan, which is a little higher per month than the iPhone plan.

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