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One in a Million!

I have never seen anyone as loving, tender, sensitive, tough, strong, hard wording, or sweet as my mother.  She puts up with my bad behavior more than she should.  I am still her little boy; I know that.  Ask Marcela, I guess I never grew up.  I am Marcela’s boy too!  🙂

Mother, I love you so much.  Thank you for loving me and being the absolute best mom in the whole world.  There is no way I could have asked for a better example of how to care for others.  Sometimes I think you put too many people ahead of yourself.  I wish you would be a little bit selfish every once and a while and do your thing.  But you insist on putting your own needs and desires aside to care for others.  Without a doubt, you are one in a million.

I will be on shift this weekend, so I will miss spending Mother’s Day with you for the second year in a row.  Sorry for that.  Be blessed in all you do and have a special Mother’s Day.

-Mom “What am I going to do with you?”

-Little boy Phillip “Keep me!”

Blue Ridge Parkway

Mom and Phil at the Blue Ridge Parkway


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The Monday Metro Zoo Madness!

Well, no more Armchair QB’s for a while.  This is your Monday blog.  I decided to take my nieces to the zoo today, and Kelly was OK with Kourtney skipping a half day of school to go with me.  McKenna and Kourtney were anticipating it for more than a week, so I hope their expectations were filled.  I doubt that it all lived up to the hype.  We didn’t get to see the chimps going nuts, which to me is the best part of the zoo.  The dog’gone monorail now costs $3 per person.  Now, nobody at all rides it (except me and the girls).  Also, the zoo added a section called the Amazon and Beyond, which was great.  The jaguar was in hiding, unfortunately.  I was really looking forward to seeing the jag.  We did get to see the tigers fed (11:00 AM they get a snack) and that was cool.  But the best part of the day for the girls was playing in the play areas.  Forget the animals, they love to slide, swing, climb, and run. Kourtney played in the water park area and loved getting soaked.  That’s so much better than some dumb gorillas or lions.  🙂

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Wednesday Quotable

I am blessed to be part of a great family that loves me and is loved by me. Today’s quotable x2 is about family.

The only rock I know that stays steady, the only institution I know that works is the family.
-Lee Iacocca

In times of test, family is best.
-Burmese Proverb

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Happy Birthday Papa

Marcela and I had a great time celebrating my dad’s birthday this weekend with my mom, Trav, Kelly, and the kids.

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The EIB Award

This week was over before it started.  The EIB Award for Excellence in Blogging goes to…

Kelly for a University of Miami Day!  GO CANES!


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WALL-E has been alone on earth for 700 years, and he's lonely.

WALL-E has been alone on Earth for 700 years, and he's lonely.

Last night, Marcela and I caught the late showing of Disney-PIXAR’s WALL-E.  I had heard some good reviews about the movie, and the Internet Movie Data Base currently has a very high user rating for the movie.  The official movie site has some cool games, character background, and trailers.  This movie was very thoughtful, even showing that the more attached we become to technology, the less we are able to care for ourselves.  The movie focuses on a robot named WALL-E (Waste Allocation Lift Loader, Earth-Class) whose directive is to clean up the trash on Earth one little cube at a time.  Apparently he is the only robot left on the planet who is functional.  After all these years, he has developed a glitch which is a personality.  He repairs himself with spare parts from all the other “WALL-E” units that have broken down and has become a bit curious about things.  This leads him to become a pack-rat.  It’s also the first movie that I can think of in which a cockroach becomes a lovable character.  The animation is done as well as any movie I have seen before.  For the rest of the story, you will have to watch it yourself.  It’s a film that is completely family/kid friendly but is enjoyable for the adults to watch as well.  Marcela and I recommend this to anyone who likes sci-fi, love stories, technology, and “Disney stuff”.

If you want more info on this movie, this guy does a more detailed review that’s worth a look.


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Friday’s Greatest Hits

Today, we look back at the previous 7 days to bring you some of my favorite reading. We will also bestow the weekly EIB award for excellence in blogging.

Friday was McKenna’s birthday and Kelly shared pictures and memories about her beautiful little 3 year-old daughter.

Travis found some really cheap plane tickets from Miami to Tampa, but on the other hand he exposed his elitist side by stating that burgers cost $18.

The Major tries his hand at the top 5.

Jesse easily wins the prestigious EIB (Excellence In Blogging) with his second edition of “Facts You Didn’t Know About Me”. This blog was funny yet it gives a look into who Jesse is. Great blogging Jesse!

Bill gives us a list of guy’s rules. True, true. Notice that all the rules are #1.

Venus let’s us see her perspective on Sunday morning at the theater. Maybe she will make this a regular entry.

Ritz gives us a “Warped Goosfaba this week, and he also toots his own horn a little re: his acting skills in the Sunday morning videos. But then again if you don’t brag about your own acting, who will?


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Friday’s Greatest Hits

This is the entry that highlights some of my favorite reading and web hits for the previous seven days. There are some real high quality posts available to choose from this week.

Jesse talks about his time here in Miami, his expectations moving from Chicago, and declares that he loves it!

Ritz (aka Frank) tells his story about a little confrontation with one of the radio personalities from “The Call” on the air! It’s all good fun.

Pastor Travis started an interesting discussion on middle names. This was one of the most fun and funniest threads.

The Major spills his brains! This is his most spontaneous blog entry of the week; he plans it that way.

Billy Finch posts his “I (heart) Homestead” 4th of July edition with a few pictures from the event.

David Corrado gives a rundown of his Tuesday night life group and some of his thoughts about knowing God.

Guest writer Ol’ Atom Splitter gives his rundown of Sunday’s service at Life Pointe on this very blog.

Kelly’s blog get’s the Citizen Cane’s prestigious EIB award (Excellence in Blogging) for the week for her high quality entries about her church and family.
In part one, Kelly blogs “The Many Faces of McKenna”.

In Part 2, Kelly gives her Sunday Life Pointe review a name, “The Chick-kabob”. Great work Kelly!

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Pics from Marcela’s camp

Here are a couple of pictures Marcela sent from the camp she is staying in Idaho.

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Thought Omelet

-Day 12 of my bachelorhood is here. I am doing OK in case you wanted to know. The birds and plants are still alive.

-I have not heard from Marcela in two days now. She is at a camp with no electricity so she cannot charge her phone. I can hardly wait for her to get back.

-Life group last night was great. Jason facilitated and we discussed the parable of talents and it was a great discussion.

-It’s looking good for a fishing trip on Monday and/or Thursday. Overtime at work has almost totally disappeared.

-I have a trade and a special request not to get mandatory overtime on July 30 and 31. That would be lobster mini season. My brother and I will be catching some bugs.

-No overtime is good and it’s bad. It’s good so I can relax a little. It’s bad because I wanted to work as much as possible until Marcela got back.

-I decided to save on gas mileage and drive Marcela’s beautiful little Chevy Cavalier (it’s a gorgeous little car!) to work instead of the truck while she is away. A few people at work have laughed at the little thing. I don’t blame them one bit, but I will continue to save the money.

-I found a site for free games for my Blackberry. I have sudoku now. 🙂

-The Citizen Cane is now the #1 result when you google the term “annoying songs” because of this post which is now my #1 most visited post of all time, and also #1 when you search google for pictures using the term “beetle juice shrunken head” because of this post.

-I’m really look forward to church this week. Word on the street is that the videos this week are going to be some of the funniest ever.


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