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Monday Armchair Quarterback

Following the Canes disappointing loss the Criminoles on Saturday, I have downgraded my expectation for the Canes the rest of the year.  Starters Colin McCarthy LB and Eric Moncour DE will miss the rest of the season with injuries.  Does it really matter?  There isn’t a team left on the schedule that we cannot beat, and there aren’t very many teams on schedule that we cannot lose to either.  Recruiting cannot afford another finish the season without a trip to the post season.  The locals would forgive it once with the coaching transition, but twice??  Also, do you honestly think we would have lost to UNC or FSU this year in the OB?  I am sick about it.

At least the Dolphins did something right.  Ronnie is once again showing that he is the real dead.  They ran the single wing (or wildcat formation) yesterday 11 more times.  While it had more success against the Patriots, it was still very successful yesterday.  Ronnie is now leading the league in TD’s and the Dolphins are at .500 with wins over both teams in last years AFC finals.  Why is the wildcat so successful?  When a QB hands the ball to a RB, you lose a blocker, so it’s basically 10 vs 11.  When Ronnie is taking the snap directly, you have an extra blocker so it’s now 11 on 11, so that makes up any defensive perception that every play will be a run.  If I was a D Coordinator, and I saw Ronnie lined up at QB, I would send a run blitz every time.  Ronnie is also making great decisions at the helm, running powerfully, smoothly, and with great agility.  He is the real deal at RB.  Can he throw?  YUP.  This is going to be the surprise in the future of the wildcat formation, Ronnie is going to throw a few more passes.  The defense looked great with Porter and Roth constantly up in Rivers face.  The way these guys are playing, you could see them with a solid record at the end of the season.  Check out this article where the Chargers are saying that they were screwing up, and it wasn’t actually the Dolphins beating them as much as them beating themselves.

I had a great day in the LPC fantasy football, more on that tomorrow.  Not doing so great in the second chance LPC pickem, but I am leading in the pro football vegas style pickem.

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The Fantasy Football Report

This weekend was one of the worst fantasy football and sports weekends I have suffered in my career as a FFL guru.  Not only did I lose Marvin Harrison and Joseph Adai to Indy’s bye, but Willie Parker was out with an injury, Michael Turner tanked, and Deuce McCallister was reinserted into the Saints RB by committee rotation leaving Reggie Bush on the sideline for much more than normal.  My K and Defense which had both brought in decent points over the last two weeks took a break from scoring me points.  If you combine that with the fact that I played the first placed Fuzzy’s Dead Skins who was full strength for the match up and had a record week from Brett Favre and big numbers from Whitten, Chris Johnson, and Adrian Peterson, the result is an embarrassing loss for the Citizen Cane.  His team totally rocked the scoreboard while I fizzled.

In the LPC FFL, Pastor Trav lost his 3rd in a row to the resurgent Bacharach, Ritz got a bogus win against Jesse‘s Fusers because Jesse did not adjust his roster for the bye week players.  And the Turkey Buzzards got totally thrashed by Paul’s Skins.  With Jesse’s Fusers and my Citizen Cane squad losing, that leaves Fuzz’s Dead Skins as the only undefeated teams left in the league at 3-0.

In the Second Chance LPC Pickem, Alex was on fire, picking 11 out of 13 correctly, Paul had 10 correct picks, and Chris showed off his football knowledge with 9 correct picks.  I, on the other hand, only picked 6 out of 13 correctly.  I have been humbled.

Next week I will find redemption!

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The Monday Armchair Quarterback

The Dolphins did not even play and this weekend was a huge disappointment for your humble blogger/correspondant. With the Hurricane Fizzle on Saturday, my pickem debacle, and yesterday’s collapse of my team’s fantasy team, I had a tough weekend. I guess I will just have to pick up the pieces and move on. Did you see the helmet-to-helmet show Anquan Boldin took? Knocked out! Apparently he will be OK but fines will be forthcoming against the DB that laid the smackdown on him.

Chris Day had a pretty good weekend calling Washington’s win over Dallas (but then again, even if they were as bad as the Bucs in the 80’s facing the AFC pro bowl squad, he still would have picked them). Alex looks like a lock to win the first round of picks in the LPC 2nd Chance Pickem league with some great picks. Congrats. Chris outpicked me by 3 full games, and Kelly even outpicked me. How embarrassing!

The LPC FFL league is down to one last undefeated team as of tonight’s MNF game. You can read about that tomorrow in my FFL report.

Even with the “Major” disappointments I have suffered over the weekend, I have to say that football season is the most wonderful time of the year!

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