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Warning: Possibly Offensive Post Below

I am tired of going to stores with signs saying “Cash or Food Stamps EBT Cards Only, No Debit, No Credit Card)”.  I just went to buy some low carb bread (I am still trying to make the Atkins thing work), and I had a few dollars in my pocket.  So, when I saw the sign listed above, I realized I could only buy one item.  OK, I didn’t notice the food stamp portion until I was standing in line with my dollar bill in hand and the customer in front with the cart full had what looked like a credit card in hand.  The customer purchased with food stamps a box of Swiss Chocolate Rolls, Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars, 6 bottled drinks, several bags of chips, and a loaf of bread.  I asked why I am being restricted to a cash purchase when I have money in the bank that belongs to me while others are allowed to spend their food stamps money with the EBT card.  There was no answer.  Either way, the food stamp system is just so wasteful.  We are subsidizing the Frito Lays, Little Debbie, Coca Cola, and all these other junk foods being purchased with food stamps programs.  How is that necessary for a family?  These should be items purchased after all other necessities.  If someone wants to spend their money on junk food, that’s great.  But I shouldn’t have to cover it with my tax dollars through the food stamp system.  We need to do something about this.


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