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Sunday Life Pointe Talk Soup

  • This will be a short Sunday Talk Soup post.
  • This morning we had two speakers continuing the New Testament challenge.
  • Mark Similey spoke in the 9:00 AM service, and my dad JT spoke in the 10:30 AM service.
  • The topic was forgiveness.  Forgiven people forgive people.
  • Jesus said 7 times was not enough, but 7 times 70, that’s 490 times.
  • Among the Thirsty led worship.  They did an amazing job.  It was the best guest band praise and worship I have heard at LPC.
  • The best thing about their worship set was the way they really led LPC in corporate worship.  The music was awesome, but their attitude of worship was even better.
  • All four of the band members had a heart for God, and it shined through not only in worship, but after the service while they were breaking down.
  • I will see some of you guys tonight at Plantation Key for the evening service.  TTFN! (Ta Ta For Now)

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Sunday Life Pointe Talk Soup Homestead edition

  • What a great Sunday morning at the Flagship Cinema as Life Pointe Church met for our Homestead services.
  • This morning, I had to go to work.  Report time is 0540 for briefing.  On weekends, they take volunteers to go home since we are overstaffed.  I decided that since I got called in for OT on Friday, my wallet could afford to volunteer to go home.  So the cool part is that I got paid 4 hours to show up for briefing.
  • I had to make a trip out to the office to grab the keyboard since it was not planned that I would be playing.  Jesse threw me in the mix on the keys and I was glad to be able to join the team this morning.
  • Mike B. was on drums for the 8:30 service, Alex played drums for the 9:45 and 11:00 services, Jesse played rhythm on the electric and sang lead vox, Bill played bass, I was on the keys, and we were short our lead rocker this morning.  Nyrian and Reina sang back up, Mike B sang back up vox for the 9:45 and 11:00 services.
  • For music, we sang “Point of Difference”, “Your Grace is Enough”, “More Than Enough”, and for communion “Devotion”.  During the greet we sang U2’s “Where the Streets Have no Name”.
  • The message was amazing.  If you were not here with us, you have to hear the podcast when it is posted.
  • Tom Sterbens who is on LPC’s Strategic Team spoke.  He pastors in Tennessee in the same fellowship as LPC and has a very professorially manner when he speaks.  He claims also to be ADD and LLI.  Since I haven’t seen him limping around, I would have to assume that he is talking about Low Latent Inhibition and not Leg Length Inequality I was definitely captivated by his message and the delivery.
  • He spoke on forgiveness.  Some of the key points is that forgiveness is necessary for you, it is not a noble gesture on your behalf.  The text came from Matthew 18:23-35 which is the parable of the unforgiving servant.  Why do we think that we can be made whole by getting back what someone has taken from us when we have been given so much by God?  All we need is God’s grace.  Unforgiveness screams in the face of God.

I have to work the next three days.  That means I need to get sleep tonight so I can get up at 4 AM.  Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make the Plantation service.  Stay tuned to some of our other most excellent bloggers for other perspectives on Life Pointe Church in Homestead and Plantation Key.

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