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Free Association Friday

Cat – aloof, detached, independent, allergies, pet, mean, spooky, hunter, kitten, cute, meow, mouser, stubborn, scratch, feline, girly, feminine, Halloween, superstition, hair ball, purr, clean, moan, litter box, prowl, pounce.

Dog – man’s best friend, bark, puppy, funny, loyal, attached, happy, howl, growl, wag, tricks, tracking, police, messy, house break, stray, mange, yap, masculine, watchful, guardian, pet.

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Free Association Friday

-Liberal, left wing, Democrat, socialist, “spread the wealth”, Robin Hood, NARAL, NOW, “pro choice”, pro-abortion, euthanasia, big government, United Nations, gay marriage, gun ban, gun control, “useful idiot”, hate speech, PETA, animal rights, Darwinism, tax increase, tax and spend, welfare, law suit, trial lawyers, nationalized medicine, universal health care, Big Brother, regulation, progressive, news media, ACORN, Obama, voter fraud, collectivism, civil liberties, ACLU, amnesty, wacko environmentalist, tree-hugger, open borders, FDR, Carter, LBJ, JFK, “legislate from the bench”, class warfare, fairness doctrine.

-Conservative, right wing, Republican, Libertarian, Constitutional, Federalist, republic, patriotic, low taxes, freedom, rugged individualism, less government, strong military, 2nd Amendment, individual rights, individual responsibility, exceptionalism, big stick, Abe Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Reagan, Scalia, Israel, Life, sanctity of life, pursuit of happiness, justice, tort reform, silent majority, local control, states’ rights, judicial restraint, rule of law, Bill of Rights, parental notification, capitalism, hunting, conservation, Democratic Republic, business, entrepreneur, property ownership, intelligent design, religious freedom, school vouchers, adoption, hard work, nuclear family, DOMA, defense of marriage, Heritage Foundation, Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, Rehnquist, home schooling, private school, AFA.


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