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Friday’s Greatest Hits

Today, we look back at the previous 7 days to bring you some of my favorite reading. We will also bestow the weekly EIB award for excellence in blogging.

Friday was McKenna’s birthday and Kelly shared pictures and memories about her beautiful little 3 year-old daughter.

Travis found some really cheap plane tickets from Miami to Tampa, but on the other hand he exposed his elitist side by stating that burgers cost $18.

The Major tries his hand at the top 5.

Jesse easily wins the prestigious EIB (Excellence In Blogging) with his second edition of “Facts You Didn’t Know About Me”. This blog was funny yet it gives a look into who Jesse is. Great blogging Jesse!

Bill gives us a list of guy’s rules. True, true. Notice that all the rules are #1.

Venus let’s us see her perspective on Sunday morning at the theater. Maybe she will make this a regular entry.

Ritz gives us a “Warped Goosfaba this week, and he also toots his own horn a little re: his acting skills in the Sunday morning videos. But then again if you don’t brag about your own acting, who will?


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