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Friday Top 5: Top 5 lists you will not see on this blog

For those that expect your Saturday Top 5, this one is a little early. You will still get your Saturday Top 5. These are the Top 5 “Top 5’s” that you will not find on this blog.

#5 The Top 5 Things the government does well. The problem is that I can only think of about 3 or 4, if they are good things. I could post a Top 20 list if I was going to include things like “Invading Privacy”, “Spending money like a chick with a credit card” (chicks, please don’t get mad), creating massive bureaucracies, etc.

#4 The Top 5 brands of jeans. That one works for me on a couple levels. I am a guy, and I am only worried about whether they will hold up and whether they will fit comfortably. I don’t care about much else, especially not the color and shape of the little leather patch over the back pocket. Are Jordache still popular?

#3 Top 5 hip hop dance moves. So I was thinking, I probably wouldn’t have the top 5 line dance moves, or ballet steps either. But they would probably be a little more likely than the Hip Hop.

#2 Top 5 ways to prepare cat for dinner. I only know of two ways to prepare a cat for dinner. You can say “here kitty, it’s dinner time!” Or you could just serve it with noodles and chop sticks.

#1 Top 5 favorite episodes of Friends. Kelly loves the TV show “Friends” and has even gotten Trav to believe that it is funny at times. I have probably watched a full 5 or 6 episodes from start to finish, and 2 of them were with Kelly and Trav.


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Profiles LPC/HCOG: Arlene Rance

These entries will briefly profile people from present or historical Life Pointe Church, previously known as Homestead Church of God, who have made an impact on the church, the community, myself personally, or my family. They may contain profiles of people that most LPC members/attenders know or may contain profiles of people that LPC folk have never even heard about. These are my personal VIP’s. We are instructed in the Bible to give honor where honor is due, so that is my purpose with these posts.

Arlene Rance is the perfect candidate to lead off with. She has been faithfully attending LPC/HCOG since before the summer of 1986. Mrs. Rance was also responsible for helping shape me into who I am today; she was my supervisor/teacher at Pathway Christian School from fall 1986 to my HS graduation in 94. Don’t hold that against her, though. They say you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

Sister Rance has led a prayer group at the church for many years, and has been meeting nearly every Saturday morning to call out to God for people’s healing, salvation, and deliverance. Arlene is a prayer warrior, a woman of faith, and an example of faithfulness and God’ love in spite of the numerous obstacles thrown her way. Most people (myself included) will never know the struggles that Sister Rance has faced with her family and health, yet she faithfully pushes through.

Arlene has also been a member of the praise team at the church for many years, and she has written some cool songs. She has a very beautiful voice.

As a youngin, whenever my folks would go out of town, they would send me to the Rances’ place. That is how I know about some of the best fried chicken and pole beans with potatoes and tater salad and cornbread with collard greens in all of south Florida.

Please pray for healing for Arlene Rance. She has probably prayed for you many times when you didn’t even know it!

If you have anything to add, feel free to post a comment about Arlene.


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