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Life Pointe Talk Soup: Marcela Edition

Phillip is performing his life saving duties as a nuclear security officer at Turkey Point so I am coming out of my self-imposed vacation to fulfill the responsibilities of co-writer.

The 9:00 a.m. service at Life Pointe began today with a little bit of a twist. Mike B. led worship with a smooth voice while Julie, Kyle, Rebecca and Nirian performed the background vocals. Jesse, Ritz, and Bill were great (as usual) on the guitar, bass, and drums. The repertoire was:

1) Hallelujah/ Your Love Is Amazing.
2) I Could Sing of Your Love Forever.
3) Holy Is the Lord.
4) Amazing Love-  which was played during communion.

Jesse Santoyo executed the role of “preacher” today and did a phenomenal job on the last message of the “Got Funk?” series with the topic of “The Funk in Poverty”. This topic hit close to home- especially in South Florida where society tends to focus on appearances, fame, and fortune. The sermon began with a list of things that people think will change their lives: possessions, job security, health, a degree, and retirement. The main idea is that we focus on big things (such as wealth, popularity, and comfort), that we tend to miss out on the little things of life. This brings us to ponder questions like: What if we already had everything we are supposed to have in our lives, would we be happy? Most of us don’t realize that in the U.S. we are wealthy in comparison to the rest of the world.  We live in a society that has a non-oppressive government, we are entitled to free speech, we have access to technology (cell phones, TV, IPods, MP3 players, computers, etc.); we own at least one car, have shelter or a place to call home… and we are still not happy. We crave more. We live in freedom but our minds are in poverty.  We ignore the subtle moments in life such as the sunrise in the morning, the time we spend with family and loved ones, the quietness of the afternoon in order to pursue the frugal existence of lives such as Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Brittney Spears. The point is that God’s grace and love are sufficient in making our lives joyful. Let us recognize that we are alive and be aware that we are truly blessed.


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Sunday Life Pointe Talk Soup

This is The Ol’ Atom-Splitter reporting for duty in the stead of The Citizen Cane. Citizen Cane is busy performing his Nuclear Security Officer responsibilities flawlessly, protecting Turkey Point Nuclear Power Plant from terrorists, communists, wild-eyed tree huggers and any other hater of all things American.
Today’s music at Life Pointe was sans bass-player so it was missing something that gives worship its distinctive Life Pointe edginess about which people new to church going often so favorably remark. The music team led us in powerful praise, nonetheless. Ol’ Atom-Splitter especially loved “Tradin’ My Sorrows”.
Volunteer Corps
More and more people are responding to opportunities for hospitality, service and ministry. Our Volunteer Corps is growing in number and effectiveness because LPC is harnessing their energy and enthusiasm as fast as they volunteer. As a matter of fact we’ll volunteer you at the drop of a hat and we’ll even drop the hat for you to step up.
The Word on Exhaustion
Pastor Trav dealt with the Funk in Exhaustion from II Corinthians 2:12-17, II Corinthians 7:5-11 and Philippians 3:12-4:1, focusing on the often exhausted, always relentless, but never compromising former riot-inciter/penitent murderer/church planter/tent-maker/prisoner-of-conscience/Epistle-Writer, the Apostle Paul. Paul and his faithful ministry colleagues worked feverishly to open an ‘Exhaustion-R-Us’ Franchise, a.k.a., a Christian Church group, in every town he entered. He was beat up by Romans, busted up by stone-throwing mobs, shackled down by the cops and thrown out of one synagogue after another, but he never quit and he never fell apart. He knew how to come apart before he came apart. He practiced the discipline of the Sabbath. Paul instructs us to “find our rest in Christ”, Who is Our Sabbath. It is that simple: following Christ is restful to soul, body and mind. If God, Himself, ceased from work after making the world and all therein, we should follow that example. Get enough sleep, but not too much. Spend lots of uninterrupted time, everyday, with the family and never quit the pursuit of following Jesus.


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