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The EIB Award

This week’s EIB award for Excellence In Blogging has to go to one man.  This post summarizes the week and this season.  But first, a couple posts that were so close!

Jesse’s getting the word out, there are 3 services, cafe con leche for early birds, and wear your chucks!  I love the pics too.

Rebecca lets us in on how God is moving on campus.

The winner of the EIB award goes to…

Billy Finch for his on target assessment of this year’s hurricane season!


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Friday’s Greatest Hits

This is the best of the best from the previous 7 days. The prestigious EIB (for Excellence in Blogging) will be awarded to my favorite entry of the week. **For the record, I was thinking about waiting until the end of the day to post this so Chris would have to do his homework and that way we might have a totaly different list. But then I decided that I really don’t mind if he copies my post. I would actually consider it a complement.

Pastor Travis blogs about how busy it is this Summer when you would think there should be some calm. The question: What do you do to rest when you are busy?

Kelly shares her story about losing her keys and gives some perspective on life.

Chris writes about another awesome Sunday at Life Pointe in his award winning Sunday Tossed Salad in which he felt the message was spoken directly to him.

Bill gets nostalgic talking about his house growing up and the reality the memories his visit home brought back.

Jesse wins the EIB award for this post that reads like a M. Night Shyamalan movie. Just when you think he’s announcing that TSP is breaking up, he turns it all on its head!

Ritz gives us a glimpse into his twisted mind with his Dark Knight edition of the Goosfaba.

Rebecca shares a funny but embarrassing true story about falling skirts, hip hop dancing, and bean burritos.

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Friday’s Greatest Hits

Today, we look back at the previous 7 days to bring you some of my favorite reading. We will also bestow the weekly EIB award for excellence in blogging.

Friday was McKenna’s birthday and Kelly shared pictures and memories about her beautiful little 3 year-old daughter.

Travis found some really cheap plane tickets from Miami to Tampa, but on the other hand he exposed his elitist side by stating that burgers cost $18.

The Major tries his hand at the top 5.

Jesse easily wins the prestigious EIB (Excellence In Blogging) with his second edition of “Facts You Didn’t Know About Me”. This blog was funny yet it gives a look into who Jesse is. Great blogging Jesse!

Bill gives us a list of guy’s rules. True, true. Notice that all the rules are #1.

Venus let’s us see her perspective on Sunday morning at the theater. Maybe she will make this a regular entry.

Ritz gives us a “Warped Goosfaba this week, and he also toots his own horn a little re: his acting skills in the Sunday morning videos. But then again if you don’t brag about your own acting, who will?


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Friday’s Greatest Hits

This is the entry that highlights some of my favorite reading and web hits for the previous seven days. There are some real high quality posts available to choose from this week.

Jesse talks about his time here in Miami, his expectations moving from Chicago, and declares that he loves it!

Ritz (aka Frank) tells his story about a little confrontation with one of the radio personalities from “The Call” on the air! It’s all good fun.

Pastor Travis started an interesting discussion on middle names. This was one of the most fun and funniest threads.

The Major spills his brains! This is his most spontaneous blog entry of the week; he plans it that way.

Billy Finch posts his “I (heart) Homestead” 4th of July edition with a few pictures from the event.

David Corrado gives a rundown of his Tuesday night life group and some of his thoughts about knowing God.

Guest writer Ol’ Atom Splitter gives his rundown of Sunday’s service at Life Pointe on this very blog.

Kelly’s blog get’s the Citizen Cane’s prestigious EIB award (Excellence in Blogging) for the week for her high quality entries about her church and family.
In part one, Kelly blogs “The Many Faces of McKenna”.

In Part 2, Kelly gives her Sunday Life Pointe review a name, “The Chick-kabob”. Great work Kelly!

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Friday’s Greatest Hits

Friday’s Greatest Hits is an entry which focuses on some of the week’s best reading in my list. Swing on by and check out what these guys and girls have to say.

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